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What is NFT and How Does NFT Work?

What is NFT and How Does NFT Work?


What Exactly Is An NFT And Why Should You Care?


Imagine you are buying a digital artwork on the internet at a reasonable price and getting a unique digital token known as an NFT, which proves your authority and power over the artwork that you bought. Wouldn’t it be cool?

NFTs are presently taking over the digital art and collectables world by a massive storm. When everyone worldwide and nationwide believed that Bitcoin is the digital answer to currency, NFTs are now being pitched as the digital answer to the collectibles. Digital artists see their lives changing drastically thanks to the massive sales to a new crypto-audience.

If you are into exploring more about what an NFT is, then you are in the right place.

What is an NFT?

So, before diving straight into the blogpost you should first get acquired with the knowledge of what an NFT is.

  • NFT stands for a Non-Fungible Token, which means that it can neither be replaced nor be interchanged because it has certain unique properties.

Features of an NFT-

  • Digital Asset – NFT is a digital asset that represents and portrays internet collectibles like art, music, and games with an authentic certificate created by the block-chain technology that underlies Crypto-currency.
  • Unique and distinguishable- It cannot be forged or otherwise be manipulated.
  • Exchange and interchange- NFT exchanges take place in the form of crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin on certain specialist sites.

Crypto-punks is a remarkable example of an NFT. It enables and helps you to buy, sell and store thousands of collectibles with proof-of an ownership.


How Does NFT actually Work?


Nike acquires NFT collectibles studio RTFKT | TechCrunch


Now that you’ve begun understanding and comprehending what an NFT is, you should explore and learn more about how NFT works


  • The majority of NFTs reside and thrive on the Ethereum cryptocurrency’s blockchain, which is a distributed public ledger that records transactions.
  • NFTs are individual tokens with certain valuable information stored in them.
  • Because they hold a value that is set by the market and the demand, they can be purchased and sold just like any other physical types of art.
  • NFTs’ unique and distinguishable data makes it extremely easy to verify and validate their ownership and the transfer of tokens between the owners.

Examples of NFT’s

The NFT world is comparatively new to the people. Here are some of the examples of NFTs that exist in today’s day:

  • A Digital Collectible
  • Domain Names
  • Games
  • Essays
  • Sneakers in fashion line

What is an NFT actually Used For?


What is an NFT? - MintLife Blog


People who are interested in Crypto-trading and the people who like to collect artwork often make use of NFTs. Other than this, it has some other uses too, for instance:

  • Digital Content – The most significant and vital use of NFTs today is in digital content. Content creators see their profits enhanced multifold by the help of NFTs, as they power a creator economy where the creators have the ownership of their content over to the platforms and mediums they use to publicize it.
  • Gaming Items and commodities – NFTs have seen a lot of interest from the game developers. NFTs can provide you a lot of benefits if you are a player. You can purchase items for your game, and when you’re done with that, you can recoup your money by selling those items.
  • Investment and Collaterals – Both an NFT and a DeFi (Decentralized Finance) share the same infrastructure. DeFi applications let you borrow an amount of money by using collateral. NFT and DeFi, both work together to explore and unravel using NFTs as collateral instead.
  • Domain Names – NFTs provide your domain with an easier-to-remember name. This works in a similar manner to a website domain name, making its IP address more memorable and valuable, usually based on the length and relevance of the name.

Even celebrities like Snoop Dogg, Shawn Mendes and Jack Dorsey are taking a lot of interest in the field of NFT by releasing unique memories and artwork and selling them as securitized NFTs.

NBA Top Shot Is a Hot NFT Use-Case

One of the most popular non-fungible tokens in the recent days is the NBA Top Shot, a partnership between Dapper Labs (makers of the CryptoKitties game) and the National Basketball Association or NBA. The National Basketball Association licenses individual highlight video reels, among other content, to Dapper Labs, and they digitize the footage and make it accessible for sale to consumers. Each and every reel shows a video clip, such as a famous player’s basketball dunk, some of them featuring different angles and digital artwork to make them distinguishable and unique. Even if someone made a perfect copy of the video, it can be instantly recognizable as a counterfeit. The journey has already generated over $230 million in sales, and the company just also received a lump-sum amount of $305 million in funding from a group that includes Michael Jordan and Kevin Durant.

These video reels and clippings are selling at very high prices.

Among the most popular:

  • LeBron James “Cosmic” Dunk: $208,000
  • LeBron James “Throwdowns” Dunk: $100,000
  • LeBron James “From the Top” Block: $100,000
  • Zion Williamson “Holo MMXX” Block: $100,000
  • LeBron James “Holo MMXX” Dunk: $99,999
  • Giannis Antetokounmpo “Holo MMXX” Dunk: $85,000
  • Steph Curry “Deck the Hoops” Handles: $85,000
  • LeBron James “From the Top” Dunk: $80,000

These unique and distinguishable NBA moments are minted and preserved and released into the marketplace through “pack drops.” The most common sell for only nine dollars, but more exclusive packs can be sold for much more.



In this What is NFT blogpost, you saw everything about what an NFT is, and its concepts like how it works, its uses.

Whether or not you’re an experienced Blockchain developer or just an enthusiast who wants to explore and unravel more about What is NFT, Crypto-currencies, and Block-chain you can enroll in certain courses in this field if you are intrigued by this topic. Do you have any questions for us? Please feel free to drop them in the comments section of this blogpost; our experts will get back to you as soon as possible.


December 23, 2021

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