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What Is 5G Technology And How Must Businesses Prepare For It?


Before I tell you the pros and cons of 5G you first ought to know ‘What is 5G?’


Without wasting any time lets dive right into the topic. After reading this blog you will have known topics including, but now restricting:


  • 5g bands
  • 5g bandwidth
  • 5g network
  • 5g in India
  • 5g connectivity




5G or the 5th generation of cellular network technology runs on radio frequency just like our smart phones. However, this record-breaking technology has left our normal smart phones behind, as it can be helpful in finding solutions which would have been impossible with our normal smart phones. Along with enhancing the user experience 5G is also helping with the rapid growth in the cellular industry.


But, just like there are two sides to a story there are both pros and cons associated with everything.


Before looking into the pros and cons of 5G let’s first see how the 5G industry has evolved.




The days when you used to play games like snakes and ladders on your phone are long gone. Today is the time of 5G. With 5G connectivity 5G network our lives have become so much easier.


Using 5G bands we can perform so many tasks in such little time. from 2G to 3G and now 5G bandwidth India has made so much progress in such a small course of time.


Currently, 5G in India is limited to only some people and it is predicted that by the end of 2021 the people using 5G will increase drastically.


It is also predicted that the crowd using 5G bands will be approximately 1.9 million users by the end of 2024.


Business leaders need to understand that even though using 5G they can do so many new and improved innovations, technology still comes with its own shortcomings.


What You Should Know About 5G Technology And What The Future Holds








There are plenty of pros that 5G in India has:


  • Faster Speeds
  • Low Latency
  • Increased Capacity
  • More Bandwidth
  • Powering Innovation


Faster speed:

When we compare 5G to 4G and 4G LTE 5G comes off at least 100 times faster. 5G bandwidth is the fastest amongst the previous generations. 5G bands can have a potential speed up to 20 giga bites per second or 20 Gbps. Using 5G networks we don’t even need minutes for downloading movies. We can download whatever we want within the matter of a few seconds. Some studies have shown that with the introduction of 5G bands and 5G connections the download time has reduced from 7 minutes to 6 seconds. If this doesn’t impress you, I don’t know what will!


Low latency: latency is the time that passes between the action and its response.

To understand it better think of the time that your device requires when you search a webpage and click on it and when the information on the webpage is displayed.


5G networks have far lower latency as compared to 4G and 4G LTE network generations. In one of the trials the latency calculated when using a 5G connection was less than even 5 milliseconds!!


Increased capacity: 5G delivers up to 1000 times more capacity than 4G and 4G LTE.


More bandwidth: with the use of 5G network and 5G connections we can achieve very much in very little time which saves us a lot of time and efforts.


The benefits of 5G networks are not restricted to just these sectors. 5G connections serve far more pros that you could have ever imagined.


But, as even a coin has two faces, 5G bands have cons along with these impressive pros.




  • Limited Global Coverage
  • Decreased Broadcast Distance
  • Upload Speeds
  • Weakened Device Batteries
  • Cyber Security


Limited global coverage: one of the biggest cons that 5G has is that 5G bands are limited to just a few locations. As cities are much more highly populated as compared to rural areas and slums so the network developers will focus on first bringing 5G in India to big cities. This puts the rural areas at an unfair disadvantage and further widens the gap between urban and rural areas.


Decreased broadcast distance: with the combination of the frequency and the technology 5G has been built so fast. Even though 5G has such high speeds it will take longer time as compared to 4G and 4G LTE to travel across tall buildings as there are plenty of obstacles like huge trees blocking its way. Ergo, in order to deliver the expected speed by 5G in India, a large amount of 5G network towers will have to be installed. This process will be both expensive and time-consuming.


Upload speeds: even though the upload speeds of 5G in India is higher in comparison to 4G and 4G LTE, it is still not as high as is expected. The download speed of 5G does have the potential of reaching 20Gbps but, the upload speed still cannot cross 100mbps.


Weakened device batteries: 5G network is a pretty battery hungry network. Ergo, the mobile developers will have to invest their time in developing batteries that can sustain 5G network connection.


It is very important to be acquainted with both pros and cons of 5G as a network developer. You need to be well versed with all the specifics before you make any big investments in this sector.


Thanks you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day!!

April 24, 2022

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