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Volunteering opportunities for students

Volunteering opportunities for students

India is one amongst the foremost widespread destinations to indulge half in a global volunteer abroad programs. The country offers tons to the soul in terms of history, culture, widespread projects, food, cordial reception, and beautiful folks. This is often the rationale why thousands of participants opt to participate during a volunteer program in India once a year.

No matter whether or not you decide to teach the youngsters at a slum school, shower love on the orphans and street children, facilitate the underprivileged women to earn a living or treat the patients at a government aid center – your contributions are going to be well appreciated.

You’ll get to understand that India still contains an immense population living below stable economic conditions, where individuals don’t even have access to the essential requirements of life.


1. Street Children Volunteering in India

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most popular programs in India and over the years, volunteers have loved working with the naughty yet adorable bunch of kids! It’ll be an immensely meaningful experience for all you young people out there, who are keen to do something worthy.

As a volunteer, your main role would be to shower these little ones with ample love and care and teach them how to live a healthy life.


2. . Volunteer Teaching Program

This program is placed in the Palampur, Himachal Pradesh, a pristine hill station. Being a volunteer, you’ll have to work in primary schools where the staff is inadequate. Also, the teachers there are not well versed in English, hence your main role would be to the guide the students with this particular language, as well as assist the teachers, as and when required.

Volunteers can teach children between the age of six to fourteen years. With the exception of English, the other subjects that are to be taught include Maths, geographics and general knowledge. Activity-based learning and interactive sessions are a-lot useful while teaching these very little ones.


3. Summer Volunteer Programs

If you are looking for a perfect program for your Summer Break, then this would be the best choice! Not only will you get to volunteer with underprivileged kids in Delhi & Palampur, but you’ll also get to explore the culture, history, heritage of the country!

Travel across the cities of Agra, Jaipur, Dharamshala, Amritsar – visiting some of the nation’s most popular tourist destinations. Of course, you’ll definitely get to see the ‘Taj’ and other UNESCO World Heritage Sites. And if you wish to extend your stay, head off to Goa and chill by the beaches before your summer vacation ends!


Places to apply for volunteers


1. Chezuba

Chezuba connects NGOs who have a requirement for volunteers to people who are eager to help and make a change using their skills. You start by creating your profile and then browse for projects according to what you like and apply. It’s that easy! Choose from a variety of skills such as proofreading, audio and video editing, fundraising, marketing, copy writing, accounting and finance, social media, graphic designing and more.


2. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is an online library of 60,000 free ebooks. You can choose from different epub and kindle books and either download or read them online. They claim to have the world’s best literature and come completely free of cost to readers. If you love reading and would like to contribute back to authors, here’s your chance.

Project Gutenberg signs up volunteers to proofread books, procure eligible paper books, burn CDs and DVDs for people without internet and promote themselves on the internet. You can also donate to them and help their cause.


3. Volunteering India

If you’re a creative resource looking to help out those in need, Volunteering India is a good website to consider. Through this website, you can involve yourself by volunteering to help an organisation with creating and managing websites, content creation, material designing, people management, coordination, research, marketing, technical assistance, editing/ translating material like grant requests, proposals and much more.


4. Amnesty Decoders

Amnesty International’s global network of digital volunteers, Amnesty Decoders is an online platform where you can contribute your time in a meaningful way. As a volunteer, you’ll aid Amnesty researchers sift through social media, documents, images and other sources of information to collect actionable data that can be used to help their campaigns and their movement towards digital activism. All you need is a laptop, phone or a tablet to join up and start contributing.


5. Zooniverse

If you have a knack for research and an interest in scientific fields, then you can sign up as a volunteer and contribute your time to research projects from your own home on this platform for people-powered research. Zooniverse covers a variety of topics across many disciplines in the fields of sciences and humanities and you can volunteer for a project that suits your skillset. The best part? You don’t need any specialised training or qualifications to sign up!


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