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Various internships and platforms that offer

The internship is a stepping step towards experience and a good career. It’s a vital part of a student’s academic year. Through Internships students can get exposure to industry experience, make contacts with people, and gain industrial experience. Sometimes it is difficult to find the right internship or get selected for a certain internship position. It is also difficult to find internships too. In today’s blog, we shall discuss internship tips and opportunities.

Importance of internship

The internship provides the students with relevant experience related to the field of their choice. Internships help students put their academic knowledge into practice on an industrial level. It helps students build confidence and leadership skills by working with one another. An internship gives students a competitive advantage while working helping them pursue their dream job. 

Internships not only help students gain experience but also the company hiring them. It benefits them by bringing new talent to their table which helps boost the growth of the company. Internships also allow the company to hire interns without hiring commitments. Internships allow employers time to assess a student for competency, drive, and cultural fit.

Unpaid internships

Internships attract students who are interested in gaining experience. Unpaid internships are temporary work arrangements that allow the intern to work in a firm in their interest area without compensation. An unpaid internship is similar to paid internships but with fewer prospects and no compensation. 

Benefits of unpaid internships

Unpaid internships are good for those with no experience in the field. The work assigned is lesser compared to paid Internships. Unpaid internships offer valuable work experience. It is a great way of building a professional network. They can also be a good indicator of whether you’ll like your future profession. A successful unpaid internship is similar to earning good grades in college. Unpaid internships provide a sense of pride in doing work successfully without any rewards and push the intern to work harder and better.

Paid internship

Paid internships are temporary work arrangements that allow the intern to work in a professional environment and get paid in the form of a stipend. Stipends are a fixed amount of money given to the intern for the work completed. It can vary depending on the firm and work experience. Stipends are given at a specific time associated with the organization. 63% of the companies offer paid internships to students. Paid internships attract more students compared to unpaid. 

Benefits of paid internship

A paid internship can help students financially and motivate the intern to work hard on the task assigned. Getting paid helps boost confidence. It helps shake the sense of self-worth and increase your self-esteem. Paid Internships help your resume look better. This helps recognize the company your competitiveness. When you find a paying opportunity, it’ll fill you with a sense of accomplishment.

Where to look for internships

Your internship experience could be the deciding factor between you and another candidate for a full-time job out of college. Here’s a list of places where you can look for internships.

  1. NullClass 

If you are looking for a course and paid internship opportunities, NullClass is the best place for you. NullClass has a variety of courses and projects that includes Java, Python, Android app development, Web development, etc, and also offers paid internships. 

  1. Internshala 

Internshala is one of the popular internship offering platforms. It helps students find internships relevant to their skills. They have various categories between location, work, and duration. Many companies look for interns through this platform. You can find both paid and unpaid internships here. 

  1. Indeed

Indeed helps you find jobs and internships available at your location online. Its mission is to create products that offer opportunities to those who need them. They generate revenue by selling premium job posting and resume features to employers and companies hiring. 

  1. Letsintern

Letsintern is also one of the popular internship offering platforms. It aids students to find the best Internship opportunities across the globe. The platform has 4 million registered students and 30000 organizations. One can find virtual, summer, full, and part-time internships.

Internships help students gain experience and help build networks in the industry and It is important to look for internships at the right time. If you are a fresher looking for courses and internships you can check out the website.


June 16, 2022

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