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Google's new Nest smart speaker is all but confirmed - CNET


The google smart home is a platform that lets users control their connected devices through the google home app as well as google assistant app. It helps the users to create a helpful home. With the passage of time there has been a significant level of improvement in smart home platform. There have been so many additions in tools and resources over the years.


A few of the many new additions in the smart home platform are mentioned below:


Enhancement in analytics and logging:


Amazon, Apple and Google: Which tech giant won the smart home in 2020? -  CNET


On the 30th of June 2020, enhanced analytics and logging tools were launched in order to enable the users to monitor and log events within their smart home action. These pre-populated metrics charts are accessed directly through the action console, and also leverage google cloud monitoring features. This feature helps the user to track device traits that are most commonly accessed among other users, latency for user query responses, success rates of user engagement and also compare interactions between cloud computing and local fulfillment. In addition to this, log events provided via google cloud logging enable you to debug your smart home action very quickly. This is done by accessing the event logs that include information on the intent type, device type as well as fulfillment pathway along with the locale of the request.


These features help you to quickly navigate issues concerning your smart home action and also provide quality information to help you guide continued development and improvements to your end-user experience.


The links to a few videos on this brand new feature of Google smart home to help you get a better understanding of this feature are


 Local homes SDK:


Google Developers Blog: Local Home SDK ready for Actions


The local home SDK left the developer preview on the 6th of April 2020 and the first version was made publically available to all the developers. The name of the first version was version 1.0. keeping the previews of the developers in mind, google added the ability to enter multiple scan configurations to the action console. Along with this, the console now allows you to upload JavaScript bundles for your local fulfillment app.


After the launch of the first version 1.0 Google has also added some additional features including the Node.js runtime support to the google nest WiFi routers. The local home SDK is now also compatible with the full nest wifi system. The Node.js runtime can be added to the console. Some of the other fixes have also been inculcated in the latest version of Google smart home. You can find more information in the source code here.


Local home SDK samples:


Smart Home Local


Local SDK codelabs:


Enable local fulfillment for smart home Actions


There are also other new features included in the Google smart home platform like:


Smart home entertainment devices (SHED)


Google Developers Blog: Announcing New Smart Home SHED Types and Traits


To see the complete list of supported traits and types, check out the reference documentation.


Scheduled Smart Home Actions


Google Assitant can now schedule smart home actions - 9to5Google


Light Effects Emulation


DIY Hue Emulator : Build smart DIY Lights - diyHue


General Platform Resources


What is smart home or building (home automation or domotics)? - Definition  from WhatIs.com


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July 24, 2021


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