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Top Edtech Tools

Technology is rapidly evolving, changing itself and everything and everyone around it. Every minute change in technology has its effect on the world. Technology is updated and invented for the betterment of an individual and society. Upgrading technology makes it unique, smoother, and better than the previous one.

In today’s world, everyone wants to be updated with everything, everyone wants to use the new trend in technology, fashion, etc. Staying up with everything helps one live an up-to-date life. In today’s blog, we shall see the top edtech tools.

1) Mentimeter

Mentimeter is one of the best and most useful tools to get feedback from students. It allows the teacher to collect real-time data from students on a question, this is done through word cloud or ranking. This is one of the best ways to make a class interactive and fun. It also helps start class in a unique questionnaire form.


2) Learning management system

Every malfunction or overload of work leads to instant stress, especially in the education sector. It is difficult to handle a class full of students with a single teacher. As students, it is necessary to keep up with the syllabus and other school activities all at once. The stress of students leads to stress for parents. Learning management systems helps reduce the stress of teachers, students, and even parents. Learning management systems help manage and organize everything.

3) Mural

Mural allows students and teachers to write and reorganize data in real-time. It is the first digital visual collaboration. It helps solve hard problems, unlock new ideas and innovate ideas faster. It allows the users to participate in mission-critical collaborative meetings and brainstorming sessions. It also helps create simple yet comprehensive diagrams creatively and collaboratively.


4) Edpuzzle

Edpuzzle helps create interactive video lessons for students. It helps create an engaging environment between teachers and students. Edpuzzle believes that learning through audio-visual format helps students understand and comprehend the concept quickly. This also helps save time and money as it is free. EdPuzzle enables teachers to keep track of how many students watched the video, what percentage of the video students watched, and when they watched it.


5) Kahoot

Learning shouldn’t just be books and notes. Learning and understanding concepts can be made fun through innovative ways. Kahoot helps transform a normal classroom into a fun classroom. Learning through Kahoot is done in a game format. This includes tools for group work, personal activities, etc. Kahoot is free and can be accessed through the web.

6) Storybird

Storybird is used in preschool as it makes the classroom fun according to its age using comic and picture books. This helps teachers create visual stories for a better understanding of students. This makes use of artwork, and illustration and creates better content around the world. Storybird also helps inspire authors and people interested in creative writing.

7) Nearpod

Nearpod live lessons allow you to see exactly what your students know and don’t know. Nearpod is extremely popular among teachers as it helps make the class fun and interactive. Nearpod helps students learn concepts easily especially maths and science through PhET simulation. PhET simulation allows students to apply their skills and make the class two-way learning. There are many more features of Nearpod like Calm, digital citizenship lessons, language lessons, etc in one tool.


Education is important as it helps educate an individual and society. Due to +technology, the traditional classroom has now become virtual. Classrooms now hold tools better for students’ understanding and make learning fun. It is necessary to come up with different ideas related to education and we shall see unbelievable and remarkable changes ahead for sure.

June 14, 2022

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