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Top 10 project ideas for android app development

Everyone is well-versed with the term “Android.” Actually, Android is so popular that this Linux-based mobile OS has now become synonymous with smartphones and tablets. Android is open-source software created by a consortium of developers – the Open Handset Alliance. It’s licensed under the Apache License and is sponsored by Google. So, if you’re an android programming beginner, the simplest thing you’ll do is figure out some real-time Android projects.

We, here at NullClass, believe a practical approach as theoretical knowledge alone won’t be of help during a real-time work environment. During this article, we’ll be exploring some interesting Android projects which beginners can work on to place their knowledge to check. During this article, you’ll find 20 top android project ideas for beginners to urge hands-on experience.

But first, let’s address the more pertinent question that has got to be lurking in your mind: why to create Android projects?

When it involves careers in software development, it’s a requirement for aspiring developers to figure on their own projects. Developing real world projects is the best thanks to honing your skills and materialize your theoretical knowledge into practical experience.

As an open-source platform, Android is open for all – designers, developers, and mobile device creators. Today, Android powers over 2.5 billion active devices – from 5G smartphones to tablets, Android rules the mobile market. As you begin performing on android projects, you’ll not only be ready to test your strengths and weaknesses, but you’ll also gain exposure which will be immensely helpful to spice up your career.

Android devices support third-party applications which form a majority of all the applications on such devices. you’ll access and download these third-party applications from Google’s PlayStore. There’s a good range of apps you’ll find within the PlayStore, including banking, mHealth, product delivery (food/beauty/health & wellness/electronics, etc.), fitness, entertainment, content, then far more. The more you experiment with different android projects, the more knowledge you gain.

Naturally, Android makes for a superb platform to experiment together with your coding and development skills, especially for beginners. During this post, we’ve listed some unique and exciting Android project ideas for you!

So, here are a couple of Android Projects which beginners can work on:

10 Android Project Ideas To Nurture Your Development Skills

This list of android project ideas for college kids is fitted for beginners, intermediates & experts. These android projects will get you going with all the practicalities you would like to achieve your career as an android developer.

Further, if you’re trying to find Android project ideas for the final year, this list should get you going. So, without further ado, let’s jump straight into some Android projects which will strengthen your base and permit you to climb up the ladder.

Here are some Android project ideas that ought to assist you to make a breakthrough in the right direction.

  1. Android-based Function Generator

Did you recognize that you simply can use Android smartphones as signal generators for performing routine and everyday tasks?

One of the simplest ideas to start out experimenting with your hands-on Android projects for college kids is functioning on an Android-based Function Generator. This Android-based function generator features an output range of audio signals around 20Hz-20,000Hz emitted through the audio port of mobile phones (usually, 3.5mm audio jack). The functions available on the Android-based function generator include sinewave, square-wave, triangular-wave, and sawtooth-wave, all within the 20Hz to twenty,000Hz range. to check the signals generated by this function generator, you’ll use a digital storage oscilloscope (DSO) and Windows PC-based CRO software (Telescope).

You can amplify the signals using an amplifier if you would like to interface the function generator with other external devices. However, you want to make sure that you employ an appropriate protection circuit to avoid damaging your mobile device.

  1. Software-defined Radio

This is a superb Android project for beginners. Previously, SDR hardware was exclusively designed to support high-end computer systems, but because of the newest technological advancements (mainly, within the field of smartphones), SDR tech is now used for mobile phones also. This project aims to demonstrate how RTL-SDR dongles can function as an SDR receiver by combining an Android smartphone with on-the-go (OTG) technology. RTL-SDR dongles can usually receive signals ranging between 25MHz-1.75GHz.

This SDR system, combined with an Android smartphone has the subsequent features:

The RTL-SDR dongle makes the Android device compatible with FM signal reception so you’ll hear FM broadcasts.

You can demodulate the AM (AM) signal by modifying and tweaking the setup between the supported frequency ranges.

You can access the Radio information system (RDS) values of FM broadcast signals.

You can view the FM signal spectrum via the Android app.

    3. Home Automation System using Arduino Uno

As the name suggests, this project involves designing and building an Android-based home automation system by leveraging Arduino Uno and using Bluetooth because of the wireless communication medium. This home automation system flaunts a simplistic design and is employed to regulate 3 appliances. However, you’ll extend the system to regulate 6 or more devices.

The project includes relatively few electronic components and doesn’t involve any intricate soldering. The core components are Arduino Uno R3 (Board1), three relays (RL1 through RL3), and therefore the HC-05 Bluetooth module. The most goal of this project is to depict the way to switch on/off electronic appliances that are connected via three relays employing a smartphone/tablet with an Android app. Mentioning Android projects can help your resume look far more interesting than others.

  1. IoT-based Notification System

In the light of ever-increasing security incidents, the demand for IoT-powered smart home systems is escalating rapidly. Typically, IoT-enabled home security solutions make use of various sensors to gather and share data from multiple devices. So, in any case, an outsider threatens to violate or breach the system, the underlying functional logic of the smart system will alert the owner of the property who can then take the required actions.

This project aims to create an IoT-based notification system, including a fireplace alarm, door sensor, doorbell, and motion detector. Sensors used are a magnetic reed switch for a door or window, a PIR sensor for motion detection, and an NTC thermistor for fire alarm. just in case of a breach in your property, this IoT-based notification system will trigger an occasion via its various sensors and send relevant notifications to your smartphone.

Pushover app and Raspberry Pi (RPi) will function as the tech base for this IoT solution. For those that don’t know, Pushover may be a Web/mobile service that is a gateway for notifications. It can send notifications for nearly anything, from job postings, emails, home alerts, etc. the simplest part about IoT-based security systems is that you simply can access alarm indications from any location within the world.

  1. Android Bluetooth-based Chatting App

One of the simplest ideas to start out experimenting with your hands-on Android projects for college kids is functioning on an Android-based chatting app. Bluetooth technology is superb for facilitating wireless communication at low-costs. Today, every Android device has Bluetooth integrated into it for wireless communication. during this project, you’ll leverage Android’s open-source API to create a Bluetooth-based chatting application which will establish a connection between smartphones via Bluetooth to facilitate the exchange of messages between the devices.

While designing this project, you’ll get to pair the Bluetooth-enabled devices before using the Bluetooth communication portal for security reasons. All the connected devices will then be shared with an RFCOMM channel for data transmission. The Bluetooth communication process will incorporate Query Bluetooth. to urge the Bluetooth Activity, you’ll use a Bluetooth Adapter, and to get the Bluetooth connection intent, you’ll use the onActivityResult () method.

  1. Smart Travel Guide Application

The main objective of this Android project is to supply rich and relevant travel-related information to users on the move. The thought is to make a sensible travel guide app that users can access anytime and from anywhere. Since the proposed app is predicted for the asking and response, it doesn’t require the continual acquisition of bandwidth.

While visiting new places, tourists often have a complaint that they can’t access and acquire travel information timely and on-the-go. This smart travel guide app seeks to unravel that problem by generating feature-rich texts, pictures, videos, and the other guidance-related details requested by the users in order that they will explore tourist destinations better. Modules of the app include Find Current Location, Locate in Map, Video Search, weather outlook, and Calculate Distance between two Cities,

  1. Surveillance Camera

Security and surveillance cameras are extensively used everywhere – from homes to office buildings and industrial areas, they will monitor every activity at the least times. During this project, you’ll find out how to create a surveillance camera that supports Raspberry Pi (Raspi). However, this camera is meant to record HD videos only it detects movement within a monitored area. you’ll view the live feed of the camera footage from an internet browser or maybe on a smartphone/tablet. to look at the Raspi camera module on your Android device, you would like to put in the RaspiCam Remote.

For building the camera, you want to connect the Raspi camera to Raspberry Pi and stream live video from it. Raspberry Pi is the ideal choice for this project due to its small form factor, affordability, high extensibility, and low power consumption. you’ll also snap photographs using the surveillance camera with different effects.

  1. Android Controlled Robot

As you’ll guess by the name, this is often a phone-controlled robot that you simply can control using an app on your Android device. The robot’s circuit includes an ultrasonic transceiver module HC-SR04, Arduino UNO board (BOARD1), Bluetooth module JY MCU BT, DC motors M1 and M2, motor driver L293D (IC1), and other standard parts want to build such systems. Two 9V batteries power the circuit – while one powers the Arduino board, the opposite powers the motors. you’ll control the robot using different commands which will be sent through Bluetooth.

The two core features of the robot are:

You can control the robot via touch or voice commands. Its speed is often controlled also.

It can sense the presence of an obstacle, calculate its approximate distance, and inform the user about an equivalent on their Android.

  1. Home Automation System

This is one of the interesting Android project ideas to make. The proposed system seeks to make an easy home automation system using an Android app. you’ll use this automation system to regulate several electrical appliances by clicking specific buttons or using voice commands. These commands are going to be relayed via Bluetooth to Arduino Uno, thereby completely automating specific tasks for you.

The circuit of this home automation system comprises an Arduino Uno board, a Bluetooth module HC-05, and a 3-channel relay board. you’ll alter the number of channels counting on the number of appliances you would like to regulate. A 12V DC adaptor powers the Arduino Uno. Both the Bluetooth module and the relay module are often powered via a board power supply of Arduino Uno. The software program for this home automation system is written in Processing, an Arduino programming language.

  1. Arduino-based Visitor Alarm

This project proposes to develop an alarm supported Arduino Uno which will be utilized in shops, clinics, and front offices. The thought behind this alarm is to alert the owner of an institution about the entry of a visitor by generating a beep sound whenever the door opens. The alarm will automatically cut after a couple of seconds.

The circuit of this alarm is made around an Arduino Uno board (Board1), a piezo buzzer, and a reed switch (S1). A 9V DC power supply is employed for powering the Arduino Uno. The system is predicated on an ATmega328 microcontroller, including 14 digital input/output pins, six analog input pins, an ICSP header, a 9V-12V DC power jack, a push-button, and a USB connection for programming the onboard microcontroller. to work it, you would like a 16MHz quartz oscillator.

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