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Tips on how to improve your programming skills and become a better programmer:

Tips on how to improve your programming skills and become a better programmer:


How to Improve Your Programming Skills


  • Hello folks, if also want to become a better developer and are looking for some solid tips then you have come to the right place. This is just the place for you. In this blog post I will be sharing with you a few practical tips to become a better and all-around coder and developer in the contemporary world.
  • Many of the Java developers ask me how to become a better overall programmer? How do I improve my programming skills? Or some even ask me I am good at Java but not so good at problem-solving ability etc.
  • This is the reality in today’s era as the world is full of language experts than real programmer. It’s very easy to understand and comprehend the keywords, methods, and API of the different programming languages.
  • Still, at the same time, it is a challenging task to solve practical problems, design reusable, and robust software, and also get the best of data structure as well as the algorithms.
  • I have often seen the Java programmers are not doing so well when they are asked to design and code a solution in a limited time frame, but at the very same time, they are really good with the java concepts and all the theories.
  • Even the senior programmers with almost 4 to 6 years experience in the Java programming, sometimes fail to solve even the basic questions like designing coffee-maker, coding Vending Machine, or sometimes even reversal of a linked list.
  • I may be just moving off from becoming a better programmer, but it is essential and vital for you to know your limitations and shortcomings and then work out to resolve them.
  • If you feel a resistance in coding, then you should code as much as is possible, if you feel stressed and lost while designing and using Object-oriented analysis and design. You should do a design using a paper and a pen as much as is possible for you. This resistance is what is actually preventing you from being a better overall programmer.
  • I have personally found that coding and designing present us with a lot of resistance being an average programmer because most of us in our professional jobs don’t do enough coding and development.
  • Anyway, there could be numerous tips to become a better programmer, I will stick with my list, which I personally ensure to follow and which has continuously helped me.
  • You will definitely find them to be useful!

Tips on how to become a Better Programmer in 2021

  • In order for you to become a better programmer, you need to ensure to be really good at the data structure, algorithms, designing using OOP, multi-threading, and various other programming concepts like Recursion, divide and conquer, prototyping, as well as unit testing.
  • Programming is a concoction of many skills, which means that it is not possible to learn it in a quick time, instead it will come with the time and experience, but that will not happen automatically.
  • You can spend 5 years in a Java programming job without being a good programmer. Since most of the Java, interviews focus on the theory rather than the programming and coding skills.
  • Not many of the programmers practice these essential programming skills necessary to become a better overall programmer. If there is a mandatory problem-solving programming test, I will bet, that the average programmer would have been much better. Anyhow, here is my list of things that will help you to become a better overall programmer.
  1. Coding, Coding, and guess what Coding:


What is Coding? - Computer Science Degree Hub


  • Why have I put coding at the very top of this list? Because it is the most difficult and at the very same time its central piece of programming.
  • By coding, you also realize the mistakes you are committing in designing, error handling, threading, and then you can go back to those respective skills to improve. You just cannot work in the designing only; coding provides you with the output, which is essential to learn and act as a success.
  • Anyway, do not just stop just after solving the problem, it’s always better to throw away your first solution and then come out with another solution for the same problem, that is just a prototype, your next solution should address the issues, missing requirements that you have found while building the prototype for your problem.
  • You can also see this Clean Code course by Maximillian Schwarzmuller for JavaScript developers and Clean Code with Java: Learn Simple Design, Refactoring & TDD course Java developers to learns more about writing production-quality code, which can stand the test of time.
  1. Reading programming Books


How to Read Programming Books — Books on Code


  • Coding is easier said than done, and there is a massive difference between a good code and bad code, but how would you know? Until you have seen a good code and know why a particular type of code is good, you just cannot understand the difference.
  • This is where books come to your help; more often than not, authors are great programmers themselves. They offer their gained experience in the form of a book. I personally love reading books.
  1. Practicing the Data Structure, Algorithms, and the System Design problems


50+ Data Structure and Algorithms Problems from Coding Interviews - DEV Community


  • I was thinking of putting that as the second point in this list, but it ended up becoming the third. In my opinion, this is the most critical of the things to do in order to become a better programmer. Most of the good programmers I have seen in my life and met are really good in the data structures, algorithms, and Computer Science basics.
  • By learning these few things, you take the better advantage of what is available. Since the data structure is a key piece of any program, having solid knowledge of them helps you during problem-solving.
  • Similarly, having knowledge of the key programming principles, search and sorting algorithms, and other well-known algorithms develop programming skills that are vital for you.


  • There are so many other things you can follow in order to become a better overall programmer. Guys, this is it for this blog! I hope that reading this blog turned out to be helpful to you!
  • Thank you for reading this blog and I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day!
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1. How does programming work?

  • Programming contains a set of instructions for the computer to perform different tasks. In fact, those instructions are executable commands, each having a different purpose.

2. What is an algorithm?

  • An algorithm is a finite set of steps which, if followed, accomplish a particular task. An algorithm must be clear, finite and effective.

3. Define Low-level programming language.

  • In computer programming, the programming language which provides no generalization from the computer’s “instruction set architecture” is called a low-level programming language.

4. Define High-Level programming language.

  • In computer programming, the programming language which provides high generalization from the computer’s “instruction set architecture” is called a high-level programming language.

5. What is the difference between coding and programming?

  • Coding is a process by which we tell computers what to do—how a program should work, how a website should run, etc. Coders use programming languages order to communicate these instructions. Nowadays, programming and coding are mostly used interchangeably.



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