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Things That Made the World a Better Place in 2021

Things That Made the World a Better Place in 2021

From the vaccinations to electric vehicles and cheese, the second year of the pandemic still had some high points.


Countries in the Americas notified of first COVID-19 vaccine allocations  through COVAX - PAHO/WHO | Pan American Health Organization


The global pandemic didn’t miraculously disappear. When the clock struck midnight and marked the beginning of 2021, Covid-19 didn’t melt away or vanish like a fairytale princess’s party dress, alas, and we were all forced to stare down another year of fear and intimidation. The good news is: We did it! The bad news is: Well, you know … Now we all know. So let’s forget about that, just for a moment, and celebrate all of the actually great stuff that happened in 2021.

More Than 8.47 Billion Covid-19 Vaccinations Were Administered Globally

In December 2020, the United Kingdom administered the first non-trial Covid-19 vaccine in the world to a 90-year-old woman in a fetching a green scarf. A year later, almost 9 billion Covid jabs have been put in the arms around the world—and the number is climbing literally every second. It’s literally the largest mass vaccination campaign in history! If you were really lucky, you got a cool sticker after your shot! The speed, the pace, intensity, and efficiency of the life-saving vaccine rollout is a phenomenon that’s really powerful to behold, and it is estimated that we’re just three months away from nearly 75 percent of the global population having had their first dose.

Scientists Revealed That Cheese isn’t really bad for you (Really!)

In the month of February, when all the memories of seasonal goodwill and cheer had faded away and we were left with nothing but the cold and mocking whispers of the winter wind, scientists gave us a reason to keep going. Speaking out about this against unfounded rumors that cheese is an evil, murderous entity, one scientist told WIRED: “There’s almost no evidence that cheese causes weight gain—and in fact, there’s evidence or proof that it’s neutral at worst.” This stigma-shattering analysis helped cheese to rebuild its reputation globally—and that’s great.

The Great Resignation Gave Workers Their Lives Back


Frontline Worker Technologies | Enterprise Mobility | 42Gears UEM |


If there is a better greater joy in the world than quitting, it is everyone in the world quitting at once. Spring and summer 2021 saw a wave of mass resignations after employees across the globe used the pandemic to reflect on their work-life balance. In April alone, 2.7 percent of the American workforce quit their jobs, setting a new record that then get beaten again in August. While the employers might be left weeping into their “Can I grab you for a minute?” emails, employees are reasserting their rights.

Drones Helped Us Get a Handle on Plastic Pollution

Philosophers might even ask, “Is it really good news to say we’ve developed a small solution to a monstrously large, terrible, terrible, terrible ongoing problem that we ourselves created? Is it really something to celebrate?” to which we often say: Just give us this one, please, philosophers, it’s all that we’ve got. Throughout the year 2021, UK-based startup Ellipsis Earth has been mapping the scale of the world’s plastic pollution with camera-equipped drones that are able to identify the literal origin of the trash. These speedy surveys allow experts to better understand the solutions needed in different areas, from pushing through the dumping regulations at beaches to installing more bins in the littering hotspots.

A Human Mind Was Wirelessly Connected to a Computer

In the month of March 2021, researchers at Brown University successfully transmitted brain signals wirelessly to a computer for the very first time—the move is a breakthrough for paralyzed people, as the removal of cumbersome and tiresome wires takes this tech one step closer to being available for home use. Brain-computer interfaces or the BCI have been used to help people type, use the robotic prostheses, and even move their own limbs in the past, but for the first time participants in these studies can use this technology in their own homes, rather than in a lab setting.

China Eliminated Malaria


W.H.O. Says China Has Eliminated Malaria - The New York Times


As the month of June came to an end, the World Health Organization or WHO declared China free of malaria after “decades of targeted and sustained action” against this deadly disease. In the 1940s, China reported 30 million malaria cases annually; in the year 2020, the country reported four consecutive years of zero indigenous cases, paving the way for WHO to declare it malaria-free in the year 2021. In the month of April, WHO launched a campaign to rid or purge 25 more countries of malaria by the year 2025.

Donald Trump Was Banned From Twitter

Over the course of the past decade, we have repeatedly seen our digital overlords refuse to protect or guard us from harm, twisting their policies to maximize their profits with the very little consideration for the ways in which democracy can be irreparably damaged in the process. This is why it was such a relief or a good thing when Twitter finally banned the not-president Donald Trump from the platform in the month of January, after the Home Alone 2 actor glorified the violence surrounding the storming of the United States Capitol by his supporters. The ban came into force on January 8—12 days right before Trump stopped being president—and is permanent.

Dutch ‘Bee Hotels’ Helped the Bee Populations Remain Stable

More than 10,000 people counted bees as part of the Netherlands’ national bee census in 2021—and what they discovered was quite encouraging, as the urban bee populations were found to have remained steady over the past few years. It is also believed that a number of initiatives—from the hollowed out plant stems that act as “bee hotels” to a ban on chemical weed killers—are helping and enabling the bees to thrive.

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December 17, 2021

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