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Things Java Developer Should Learn in 2021 What Java Programmers should learn in the year 2021

Things Java Developer Should Learn in 2021

What Java Programmers should learn in the year 2021


15 Things Java Developer Should Learn in 2021 | by javinpaul | The Startup | Medium



Here is a list of things a Java developer should learn in the year 2021:


  1. DevOps
  2. Git
  3. Java 9–15
  4. Spring Framework 5
  5. Unit testing
  6. RESTful Web Service
  7. Spring Security 5.0
  8. Spring Boot 2
  9. Angular 2+ or React JS
  10. Android

Let us proceed with looking over at each one of these in detail.

So, without any further ado let us dive right into the juicy stuff!


  1. DevOps


What is DevOps? | Dynatrace news


  • This is an area where a lot of traction has been observed last year as more and more companies are moving into the DevOps and are adopting the continuous integration and deployment.
  • DevOps is a very vast platform and you need to learn a lot of tools and principles and that’s what overwhelms many of the developers but you do not need to worry about anything.
  • If you are an experienced Java programmer with a passion for managing the environment, automation, and also improving the overall structure, you can become a DevOps Engineer as well. So, this gives you a new option to choose from. Explore this field as this might just be the correct choice for you to proceed with your career!


  1. Git


What is Git? An overview of Git and why you should use it | by Jatin Varlyani | Level Up Coding


  • Git and Github have been around for some time and while I personally have used Git in the past with the Eclipse, but I am yet to become a master of Git on the command line front.
  • Why haven’t I been able to master Git so far? It is simply because I didn’t need it yet. I have occasionally downloaded some projects from Github and have also run from Eclipse but I am still not that great with the Git commands, particularly reverting changes and handling errors.
  • Due to the fact that now most of the companies are migrating their projects from SVN, CVS to the Git platform, it’s high time to learn and master Git.
  • If you are in the same boat as I am and want to learn or improve your Git skill in 2021, there are many courses available over the internet you can choose from in order to master your git skills.


  1. Java 9–15

  • As I have already said, I am still learning Java 8 and many Java developers too. I will also be spending some time learning the new features of Java 9, Java 10, Java 11 in 2021 but as for me, Java 8 is still on the top priority, until I moved to Java 11 which is another LTS release.
  • The JDK 9 provides us with a lot of goodies in terms of modules, Jigsaw, Reactive streams, Process API, HTTP2 client, JShell, as well as API improvements like the collection factory methods and I am really looking forward to learning them at as soon as I get the opportunity.
  • Similarly speaking, JDK 10 also brings var to give you a flavor of dynamic typing and some of the GC improvement.
  • Btw, if you have yet to start with JDK 8 then here is my list of favorite Java 8 tutorials and courses which you can free of cost: 10 best tutorial to learn Java 8.
  • If you are in need of a list of courses to learn new features from Java 9 to Java 13 then you can take a look at the list of courses to learn from this link: new features from JDK 9 to JDK 13.
  1. Spring Framework 5


Spring Framework 5


  • I have been hearing a lot about some of the new features like the reactive programming model on the Spring 5 platform, adoption of recent Java features, some unit testing improvement, etc but, due to time constraints I have yet to try it out!
  • Anyhow, I have recently started learning Spring 5.0. you should try it out as well!
  • If you are into reading books, you can also check out this list of advanced Spring Books for Java developers.
  1. Unit testing

  • This is another area which I want you to know about. There are a lot of new frameworks and also tools available for the Java programmers to unit test and integration test their application for instance Mockito and PowerMock for mocking objects, Robot Framework, and also Cucumber for the automated integration test and of course the new and improved JUnit 5 library.
  • There is plenty of stuff you can learn from in this front. If you can invest some time upgrading your unit testing skill, not only will your coding skills improve but also you will become a more professional developer, which every company looks for. To begin with, there are plenty of sources like online and offline courses, books and tutorials available on the internet. Check them out!


  • You should read about the other skills you should learn that will be beneficial for you this year!
  • Folks that is it for this blog.



Thank you very much for reading this blog! in case of any queries or doubts please feel free to contact us! I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day!

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