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That’s all in the future.

Ever wonder what shall be in the next 25 years. We always thought until 2020, flying cars, mind-reading robots, and automatic cars. These would be a part of the future. One thing that did come true is that traditional education opted for online due to the pandemic. 


The world is changing and evolving for too better and too fast. Petrol and diesel cars have replaced by an electronic cars. Who shall need a plane to travel airways? Well, that’s all in the future. Today we shall discuss a few mind-blowing technologies that will rule the world. Stay tuned!


1) Artificial intelligence 


AI is not new. AI almost controls the world just like humans. AI was of great help during the pandemic in the educational sector to invigilate during exams. The scan face id is an AI technology. It is as controlling as humans. But when we look into the future, there’s a possibility that AI can extract memories from people of our loved ones. Crazy, right? Well, that’s possible, in the future. Not only that, we can create virtual visions of them too. 


2) Space tour


We all had a dream of a world tour once. And we all did save up to visit one or two. But in the future, the world tour will be too old-fashioned, and space tour will be the new vacation trip plan. There shall be types of space tourism too. Space tourism will be at the top of the business. Few companies have already established space tourism like Blue Origin, SpaceX, Boeing, etc. 


3) Discovering unknown places


Earth is vast, even though it consists of water. Is all that we know about land is that’s it. If we talk about it, we have not quite reached the goal of exploring. 65% of the land is still left unexplored. It isn’t easy to plan an exploration tour. One must be aware of the danger before exploring. And even google won’t be of help as Google itself will be unaware. What if a drone is sent instead of a human to explore these spooky places? It might be possible in the future. Not only this but also 3D maps. Aerial technology will cross all its boundaries to get here.


4) Lifi


Life without light will be so dark. Life without electricity would be so dull. Well, this isn’t the only job. What if one could transmit information from one person to another using light? It is known as Lofi. This technology can transfer the required information using LED bulbs. The transmitting speed shall be quicker than now, faster than 5G. It will be accessible to all as 5G is affordable to all people. Lifi will be the new SMS system in the future.


5) 4D printing

Xerox will be too old-fashioned. One will be able to print pictures in 4D. With the help of Rubik, one can create 4D images. It will be a promising technology in the healthcare industry, fashion, and furniture. It will be helpful stuff for the educational sector, learning through 4D models. 

With the help of technology, anything and everything will be possible. There won’t be much time for all the mentioned things to come true. Recently 5G launch was a hit. But what if the future might introduce us to 6G or even 10G. That’s all in the future, and we shall see unbelievable things ahead.

May 8, 2022

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