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Tech Trends


Technology has developed and has a powerful impact on society. Technology can be defined as an entity created by the application of mental and physical efforts for the outcome of value. At the present, technology uses machines to solve real-world problems. Due to technology, manpower has reduced giving rise to machinery to perform everyday activities at an ease.

Technology has been used since ancient times. Unlike now, back then, it was when natural resources were converted into simple tools. Recently technology has been developed into machines, apps, the internet, etc. Based on its usage it affects society.

Technology never ceases. It is continuously developing and upgrading with the help of knowledge and advancement in science. These changes result in better industrial production and scientific research. It also affects the way an individual communicates and lives in society. 


Technology Trends

As said earlier, technology keeps upgrading continuously. Every year technological trends keep changing. It is determined by its usefulness. To give an example, it all started with 1G and sooner 5G is here in the blink of an eye. Technological advancements will never stop. So today let’s have a look at top technology trends.

  1.  Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is one of the best and most complex creations in technology until now. AI has rapidly grown popular and has created a buzz in the society. It has introduced new industrial developments, educational development, etc. Due to AI, machines are now automatic. They are humans in the form of machines. 



5G is a new form of mobile network. It is wireless all over the globe and enables us to connect virtually and even with machines. We can help create a smarter, safer, and more sustainable future through 5G. 5G not only improves mobile networks, but also unlocks new opportunities to solve and reach different parts of society. 5G enables faster deployment of emergency services. Not only this, but it can also detect natural disasters quickly. 


            3. Robotic Process Automation

RPA automates business processes. It can interpret applications, reply to emails, deal with data, etc. It is like a human-robot. It helps to operate with respective tasks. It makes it easy to build, deploy, and manage software with the help of digital systems. Using RPA is profitable and flexible as it is quick to respond, reduces manpower, and boosts productivity.


           4. Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity helps to reduce cyber attacks against unauthorized exploitation of systems. Cybersecurity breaches are a result of malicious insiders, working for themselves or with outside hackers. They can be a part of well-organized groups, backed by nation-states. The latest cybersecurity threats are putting a new spin on “known” threats, taking advantage of work-from-home environments, remote access tools, and new cloud services. Ransomware, is the biggest threat as it locks down data and the system erases everything. With the help of cybersecurity, it is easy to prevent hacking and loss of data. 


NullClass uses technology as leverage to bring change in the world. It is our dream, like the rest, to empower the youth and use technology to make their dreams come true. Everything is possible to overcome and invent through technology. We help students understand technological concepts through experience and build apps that can help bring a change. 


May 30, 2022

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