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Tech Tips and Tricks

Everybody loves a cool trick. No matter how well we know an app or program, there’s almost always some shortcut we never learned. The same goes for hardware: We may use gadgets every day without knowing their helpful quirks.


Here are some of the favorite popular tech tips, tricks, and shortcuts for a range of popular programs and tools:


1) Reopen a closed browser tab


It happens all the time. You have a dozen tabs open in your browser and accidentally close the wrong one. You could open up your browser’s history and reopen the tab from there, or you can do it with a couple of keystrokes.

Hit Ctrl+Shift+T on your PC or Command+Shift+T on your Mac to automatically reopen the tab you just closed.


2) Share a YouTube video at a precise point


If you see something in a YouTube video that you want to share at a particular point, you can get a link that takes people directly to that moment, you can get a link that takes people directly to that moment. Click the Share button below the video. Look for a checkbox below the link. It will automatically display the time at which you currently have the video stopped.


3) Search using “Site:” to find content like a ninja


A Google search can return millions of results. Cut that down significantly by searching just a single site with Google’s Site: feature. Open Google in your browser and type “site:” and then the website you wish to search. Like this: “” but leave off the quotation marks.


Tip in a tip: You can enter “ search term” in your browser’s address bar and there is no need to go to Google. Again, no quotation marks needed.


4) Use Your Scroll Wheel to Open A New Tab


When you want to quickly open a link in a new tab, look to your mouse. After placing your cursor on the link, click down on your scroll wheel. It’ll automatically open the link in a new tab and save you from opening a new tab, copying the link location, and pasting it in your browser.


5).Use This Handy List of Keyboard Shortcuts


Keyboard shortcuts have been around for decades, but many folks still don’t use them. For instance, if you hold the CTRL and A buttons down together, you can select everything on a particular page. Want to go back in your web browser? Hold the ALT and Left Arrow. Shift and F7 together will get you a thesaurus lookup in Word. On the Mac side, most of the commands are possible with help from the Command key instead of CTRL.


6).Find Stuff Quickly on Your PC Using Natural Language


Trying to find files tucked far away in folders across your Windows PC or Mac can be time-consuming. So, try using Windows Search/Cortana on Windows 10 or Spotlight/Siri on the Mac to find what you’re looking for. Just type in your query. Before long, your PC or Mac will find what you need and you’ll be off.


Cortana in Windows 10 and Spolight (or Siri, if you want to talk) are both smart enough to understand natural language searches. So, for example, you can say “show me photos from last week” or “PDFs from December.”


7)Quickly Access the Emoji Menu in macOS


If you just can’t find the words to say what you feel and need a little emoji help on the Mac, it won’t take long to find the right option. Just hold down the CTRL, Command, and Spacebar at the same time and an emoji list will be displayed. Click your emoji of choice and you’ll be good.


June 29, 2022

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