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Strategies for tackling homework

Children are more successful in school when parents take an active role in their learning. This helps children to understand that what they are doing in school is important.


Although parents recognize the long-term benefits of homework, it sometimes can feel like a daily struggle with children to get it done.


Here are 5 tips to help your kid make homework manageable.


1. Set up a homework-friendly area

Make sure your child has a clean and well-lit place to do their homework. It helps to make sure supplies that she may need like pencils, crayons, paper and glue are nearby. If your child is still fighting/frustrated, something as simple as changing location for “a special place to work” can boost a child’s motivation and maybe even her confidence.


2. Schedule a regular homework time

Children respond well to routine. It helps them to understand what is expected of them. If it helps, give your child a time frame to get her homework done. This will give her some control over her schedule as well.


3. Keep distractions to a minimum

This means no TV, no loud music, and/or distracting siblings. Try to find a quiet space where your child can focus. Especially if she gets distracted easily.


4. Be a motivator

When children don’t understand something right away, they may feel like they’re not smart enough and start to shut down. Try figuring out the first problem together to help your child to remember what they learned in school.


5. Praise their work and efforts

For younger students especially, instant feedback is needed. It’s OK to correct mistakes, unless of course a teacher asks that you do not, but make sure to praise your child for her efforts too and emphasize what she has done well. She may be more inclined to do a good job the first time if she knows she will get your praises.


6. Avoid Mobile Phones


To complete homework on time, it is essential to avoid your mobile phone and other devices such as laptops, pc, and TV, which create a distraction in your study. This is one of the best strategies for tackling homework. Keep your mobile phone in a bag to put it in a drawer so you would not be able to use it. You can never focus or even try enlarging your level of concentration if you keep objects of distraction around you. If you wish to complete your homework on time without getting bored, set yourself up for success by studying in a distraction-free ambiance.

7. To Maintain Energy Level Eat Healthy

At the end of a long day, students may feel physically and mentally tired. So to maintain the energy level, it is essential to eat healthy and have a balanced diet. When you go directly into homework, it may take you long hours to complete, and it would not be your finest work. It is vital to eat healthy that motivate your energy level when performing mentally exhausting tasks. Eat light because a large amount of food can cause tiredness, so while you are studying, always eat food that is easily and quickly digested.


8. Identify Your Time To Do Homework

All the people have those specific hours throughout which they are most efficient, energetic, and most creative. Those hours are the ultimate hours to do homework effectively. So to get the maximum result, it is vital to identify your time to do homework. Some students do their homework in the evening, and some do after dinner. This all depends on the student’s study habits and also depends on parents because some students take their parent’s help to do homework, and they only help them whenever they are free.



Keep everything you will need for your homework-ready, like your laptop for research, your textbook for reference, pens and pencils for writing, a calculator for problems, graphs if required, and so on. This is important because forgetting supplies and getting up between homework to get the supplies take you off course and makes it harder to get back to your homework efficiently. So as you have planned your homework, you can figure out everything you will need and get each item ready at your workspace before you begin with the actual work.



It’s easier to start with the simple stuff and get it out of the way, but it is when you begin that you have the most energy and focus. You can use this mental power and superior focus on the subjects that are most challenging to tackle. So that you can work on the simpler, easier stuff when you’re tired and less focused.



July 27, 2022

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