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Learn to Build Real Time Sharing app like Share it – Java

How cool it will be for you to share a large chunk of files between your devices and still remain hassle free. And the fun increases even more when the app you use has been built by you. A data sharing application in a world where data is such a big asset and security concern, having your own data sharing app is of so much use. And sharing a file with others is a whole another level of burden. Sharing becomes an impossible task when both parties use different sets of devices such as iPhone or Android. Also WhatsApp is not a feasible option if the file is too big. I hope you know where I am going with this.

The importance of learning and creating a real world android application like ShareIt is of great importance for you as an android lover and a tech enthusiast. And if you are looking to develop an android app like ShareIt then obviously you must have doubts about where to start and what to do? Don’t worry about such things because you have landed at the right place. NullClass is your one-stop solution for learning android app development.

Pro ShareIt Android Application

File sharing applications development expenses are often shifted consistent with the sorts of features integration. Applications like SHAREit contain essential features even as leading edge features as per their business necessity. Your dream application needs to likewise be perfect with leading edge features to beat the competitor on every move.


  • sends files from your phone to your computer or the other way around
  • available for free of charge for Windows, Mac OS X, iOS and Android
  • uses your wifi connection
  • searches for connected devices
  • you must have the app installed on all devices
  • Share files with a gaggle of up to 5


  • Share any type of files
  • 200x faster sharing
  • Effective Android Storage Management
  • Search for Devices
  • Concurrently share with 5 people
  • Play with WIFI/Hotspot Settings
  • Create and Scan QR Code
  • OLED Screen Compatible
  • Dark Mode Switcher

What You Will Learn:

  • Java Basics
  • Android Basics
  • Andriod Studio
  • PhotoEditing(Gimp)
  • Data validation
  • exceprtion
  • unit testing
  • ui testing
  • Retrofit
  • Glide
  • Json
  • Json converter
  • Splash Screen
  • Recycler View
  • Card View
  • Github
  • AndriodX
  • Bottom Navigation view
  • Different Layouts
  • Dialog box
  • MVVM structure
  • QR scanner and maker
  • Wifi/hotspot settings
  • progress bar
  • Sending data over Wifi/Hotspot
  • Device Info Database
  • Sharing Application as apk
  • File Explorer
  • Text Stream to chat
  • Dark Mode
  • Font
  • Trust Zone
  • Storge Path location change
  • Auto-Start
  • file read and write
  • data import and export
  • notification foreground services
  • Background services
  • setting notification
  • Widgets
  • Task
  • Receiver
  • Services
  • Interface
  • Animations
  • Menu design
  • File Picker
  • Third Party Libraries
  • List of Data
  • Keywords
  • Dialog box
  • Fragmnets External and Internal
  • Text Drawable
  • Views
  • RecyclerView
  • ListAdapter
  • Layouts
  • Picture selector
  • Location for Trust Zone
  • Help desk
  • OLED Screen compatible
  • Multi selection
  • Group by
  • Sort
  • Searching in the phone Storage
  • File Handling
  • Permission Setup
October 10, 2021
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