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Learn To Build a Real Time App Like Google Assistance- Java

Don’t you find it fascinating when you can search and perform so many tasks with a simple command? You just have to say “okay Google” and Google assistant will search just about anything for you. You can call or text someone without so much as picking up a finger, all you have to do is say “okay Google”.

In today’s advancing world it is very important to move forward with technology, or you will be left behind. Using voice commands in an app does not only make it trendy but, also feasible. You also end up saving a lot of time as you just need to speak the command and not type it out.

It is of great importance in today’s world to learn how to build your own android assistant app. If you are interested in building an app like google assistant but you don’t know where to begin, you have come to the right place. NullClass is here with a yet another trendy course which will solve your problem. Here you will not only learn the theoretical knowledge required to build the app but, also practical examples which will help you get a better understanding of the topic.


Android assistant apps like Google assistant, siri or cortana offer us with voice commands and voice searching. You can complete all your tasks by just saying “okay Google” or “hey Google”. Android assistants are made in order to give you conversational interactions.

A few of the tasks that an app like google assistant can perform are:

  • Control your devices and your smart home.
  • Access information from your calendars and other personal information.
  • Find information online, from restaurant bookings to directions, weather and news.
  • Control your music.
  • Play content on your Chromecast or other compatible devices.


  • Play Your Favorite Playlist
  • Attend Call using your voice
  • Send messages without touching your device
  • Never forget your important dates from your calendars
  • Find information online
  • Books Restaurant
  • Find Places Using Maps
  • Get latest news.
  • Play content on your Chromecast or other compatible devices.



What will you be learning?

  • Java Basics , kotlin basics
  • Android Basics
  • Andriod Studio
  • SQLLITE ,Room database
  • Data validation
  • exceptional handling
  • unit testing
  • ui testing
  • Retrofit
  • Room
  • Json
  • Json converter
  • Splash Screen
  • Recycler View
  • Card View
  • Github
  • AndriodX
  • Bottom Navigation view
  • Different Layouts
  • Dialog box
  • MVVM structure
  • bar graph
  • progress bar
  • Google play services
  • Api
  • Toolbar
  • Third party libraries
  • Text to speech
  • speech recognition services
  • Text recognition
  • assistant functionality
  • Xml
  • Widgets
October 10, 2021
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