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Social Media and Education

Social media and education

Social Media and aEducation

Out of a hundred students, education might be a very student best friend, but what about the rest? 


Social media and media forms play a vital role in shaping an individual and the society. At present, students own a phone. A survey, recorded 97% of the youth use social media platforms.


 Are these youth benefiting from the content they watch and intake?

 Is it helping them build a career out of it? Social media can act as a leverage.


There are a lot of benefits of social media, especially in education.

Today, we shall speak about social media and education.


1) Communication tool


Social media is a platform for every individual. It is easy to use and learn. Social media can make it easier for parents, students, and even teachers to clear doubts and respond to queries. It can also open up e-learning opportunities. It takes one click to get doubts solved. 


2) Live streams 

We all have subscribed to various famous YouTubers and personalities, fans, wait for their live appearance on their social media apps. 

Why not use this same feature to come live and learn something. It doesn’t have to be in a classroom, you can learn from your comfort zone by following professional boundaries. This help connect to students anywhere around the globe, and the best part of it, it can be helpful for international students.


3) Instagram as photo essay


Every student and teacher uses Instagram. These days, everyone is most active on Instagram, updating about their whereabouts. Does its boundary just set there?


Why not use this app for visual essays? This can help students understand better through the visual aspect. One can use it as a digital storytelling purposes. 


4) Live revision

Ever happened that you remember a concept, miss out on one bit of information. You look for notes and surf the internet, but it’s all in vain. What if YouTube comes in hand.


Education, doesn’t just settle down within the four walls of a classroom. An individual can record or post a short video of the topics on YouTube for everyone to revise anytime, anywhere. Not only national but also international students avail of this opportunity.


5) Collaboration


Social media and the internet have bought every faraway country near. It has introduced people to new cultures and fusion. But why not avail this in the educational sector? Every student has a dream college or school. Every student works hard to get in too. What if these dream colleges or schools already collaborated from the beginning. With the help of social media, it can be easier to grow and help expand knowledge to everyone instantly rather than wait for another year.


Social media is not just for communicating. It can help grow an individual and even the society around. Using social media smartly and wisely can make everything and anything possible. It can connect with everyone in the educational sector a little more. It is not supposed to be boring or just a medium to get a degree but fun. The concepts imparted are to stay with an individual for the long term. The change begins with us.

May 10, 2022

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