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Having an android application such as Applock has perhaps become the necessity of every common man using an android phone. This helps you remain hassle-free and not worry about who might be spying on your phone at the moment and accessing your Facebook, gallery app, or banking app. Applock is regarded as one of the most rudimentary applications when it comes to app privacy.

The charm exponentially increases when you know how to create an android application similar to Pro Applock. While making an android application, the real fun begins when you can customise your application according to your choice of likes and dislikes such as uninstall protection, fingerprint support, locking stuff such as incoming calls, uninstalling apps, and your various system functions like Bluetooth.

Pro Applock android application: 

Before beginning with the course details, let us analyse what exactly the applock application has in store for us. Android has built-in security specifications that help you significantly reduce the chances and impact of security issues. The system is designed so that developers like you can typically build your apps with the default system and file permissions and have no doubts about security.

Here are our reasons why you should definitely try building this application if you aspire to become an android developer:

  • In today’s world, the most important asset for a human is not money, but time and data. It’s quite self-explanatory that data is of extreme importance, not only to individuals but also for big IT companies.
  • Building an applock application will give an extra edge to your portfolio along with adding a versatility to your application.
  • Having an applock application in your portfolio will increase your chances in getting a job or freelance work easily.

About the training:

Candidates who wish to enroll for the course will be required to perform the following tasks:

  • Student will be required to attend the training through 17+ hours of video

series. Student will be able to access the videos available under the curriculum column.

  • Once the student has completed the video lectures, students will receive a mail

regarding the project that he or she will be required to implement.

  • The student will be required to share their project’s APK and code to us as soon as he/she completes the task.

What You Will Learn:

  • Programming Basics
  • Java Basics
  • Android Basics
  • Pattern Lock
  • Litepal Database
  • Android Services
  • Multiple Thread
  • Recyclerview
  • Fragments
  • Third Party Libraray

Features and benefits:

  • After completing the training, you will be able to build a real-world applock android application.
  • MNCs require experience and some hard-earned projects in your skills. After the training, you will have access to both.
  • You will receive a professional mentoring which will make you ready for the
  • With the knowledge on how to make an applock android application, you can monetize yourself and start freelancing.
Refund :

You can get 100% refund until 7 days of enrolment.

1. How to get the assignment after completing the training?
Email will be sent to you within hours after you have completed your project.
2. Will we get one to one mentor?
Yes, every student will have access to one mentor until they complete the training.
3. How will our daily progress be checked?
This training is self-paced and students can complete it according to their speed and comfort.
4. Do we get real – industry experience?
Yes, students will definitely get exposure to the real industry experience as we will teach students the current work happening in the industry.
5. Do we get a certificate?
Yes, students will get industrial certificate.
6. There are other platforms to learn. What is unique in your training?
Unlike other platforms, NullClass provide students with real industrial experience.
7. Do you offer demo classes?
Yes, students will get a demo of the training before enrolling.


Teacher, Author, CEO

The founder wants to make it possible for every individual struggling to find a job, to accomplish more, and live life on their terms. Determined and optimistic, he has spent countless hours in his venture to solve students’ problems, both academic and personal.... The founder wants to make it possible for every individual struggling to find a job, to accomplish more, and live life on their terms. Determined and optimistic, he has spent countless hours in his venture to solve students’ problems, both academic and personal.

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Course Curriculum

Section 1 : Introduction
Introducion – Pro Applock FREE 00:06:00
Source Code – Pro AppLock 00:00:00
Section 2 : Programming Basics
Programming Basics 1 00:14:00
Programming Basics 2 00:31:00
Programming Basics 3 FREE 00:10:00
Programming Basics 4 00:22:00
Section 3 : Creating a Applock app
Setting Up Project 00:13:00
AppList design 00:12:00
AppList Design Content 00:12:00
Loading AppList 00:17:00
Pattern Lock 00:15:00
Lock Screen Conent 00:18:00
LitePal Database 00:08:00
Setting Screen 00:11:00
Services – Part 1 00:15:00
Services – Part 2 00:15:00
Services – Part 3 00:15:00
Service Usage 00:15:00
Final Linking and Output 00:16:00

Perks and Benefits


Students will get an internship certificate.


Students will be able to connect with mentors to resolve doubts.


Students will get a stipend of ₹3000 if they complete the internship task in 30 days.

Refund policy

You can get 100% refund until 7 days of Enrollment.

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    Great course, really well delivered in a clear and logical way. So many aspects of
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  3. 4

    I'm a 19 year old first-time developer - no previous coding experience or really
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    fundamentals and making me realise that nothing is ever as hard as it seems.

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    One of the most fluent and best courses one can find ! Simply amazing ! The
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    patiently and tried to reply to all my queries timely.

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    Good course to get started with Android development using Java. The app that we
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    I got to admit, I was pretty unsure when I bought this course, but after going
    through about 2 hours, I am really enjoying it and more importantly, I am learning
    more than I ever thought I would. I would recommend taking notes in the start since
    the java syntax can be a little tricky to get used to.

  8. 5

    I really loved the friendly nature of the teacher. It really made me love the topic.
    Everything is taught step by step and slowly which helped me grasp easily. The
    explanations were crystal clear.

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    NullClass is really amazing. As a first time App Developer I have gone through
    numerous Tutors but I kept on making mistakes and felt like I wasn't learning
    anything. Since I started your course I can say it's becoming easier and I now know
    what I am doing. I'm so grateful I enrolled in this course. This is by far the best
    Android Course Available for newAndroid Developers like me.

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