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Do you also love chatting? Are you also fascinated with apps like WhatsApp and signal? You can voice call someone using the Internet or even video call someone, you can simple press a button to send an audio message as well. In today’s advancing world it is very significant to move forward with the technology or you will definitely be left behind. Using a smart chatting app like WhatsApp is not only trendy, but also feasible. If you are interested in building an app like WhatsApp then you have definitely come to the right place! NullClass is here with yet another trendy course which will definitely solve your problem! Here you will not only learn the theoretical aspects of developing an app but also, the practical knowledge to work with in the real world.
What does whatsapp app do? WhatsApp is free to download messenger app for smartphones. WhatsApp uses the internet to send messages, images, audio or video. The service is very similar to text messaging services, however, because WhatsApp uses the internet to send messages, the cost of using WhatsApp is significantly less than texting.
What will you be learning? 
  • Android Studio Download
  • Java
  • Firebase Authentication
  • Firebase
  • Email id Login and validation
  • Phone Number Authentication
  • Data validation
  • Pattern matching
  • Exception handling
  • Debugging
  • Date validation
  • Automatic login
  • Unit Testing
  • UI Testing
  • Glide
  • Api
  • Splash Screen
  • Recycler View
  • Card View
  • Github
  • Tab Layout view
  • Different Layouts
  • Dialog box
  • Alert dialog box
  • Toolbar
  • Status
  • Chat contacts
  • Database reference
  • Requests to contacts
  • File transfer
  • Storage reference
  • Settings Activity
  • Profile Activity
Features and benefits:
After the completion of this course you will be one step closer to having a better insight into the amazing world of Android and coding. With the knowledge and experience you will be gaining from this course you can even start doing projects and even freelancing.
Refund :
You can get 100% refund until 7 days of enrolment.


1. How to get the assignment after completing the training?

Email will be sent to you within hours after you have completed your project.

2. Will we get one to one mentor?

Yes, every student will have access to one mentor until they complete the training.

3. How will our daily progress be checked?

This training is self-paced and students can complete it according to their speed and comfort.

4. Do we get real – industry experience?

Yes, students will definitely get exposure to the real industry experience as we will teach students the current work happening in the industry.

5. Do we get a certificate?

Yes, students will get industrial certificate.

6. There are other platforms to learn. What is unique in your training?

Unlike other platforms, NullClass provide students with real industrial experience.

7. Do you offer demo classes?

Yes, students will get a demo of the training before enrolling.


Teacher, Author, CEO

The founder wants to make it possible for every individual struggling to find a job, to accomplish more, and live life on their terms. Determined and optimistic, he has spent countless hours in his venture to solve students’ problems, both academic and personal.... The founder wants to make it possible for every individual struggling to find a job, to accomplish more, and live life on their terms. Determined and optimistic, he has spent countless hours in his venture to solve students’ problems, both academic and personal.

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Course Curriculum

Whatsapp Demo FREE 00:09:00
Whatsapp Source code 00:00:00
Programming Basics
Programming Basics 1 00:14:00
Programming Basics 2 00:31:00
Programming Basics 3 FREE 00:10:00
Programming Basics 4 00:22:00
Creation of WhatsApp app
Whatsapp Demo FREE 00:09:00
Whatsapp Project Creation 00:02:00
Whatsapp Drawable And Dependencies 00:10:00
Whatsapp Building Project 00:02:00
Whatsapp Connect-to-firebase 00:07:00
Whatsapp Firebase-Rules 00:07:00
Whatsapp TabLayout 00:24:00
Whatsapp Login Ui Part 1 FREE 00:12:00
Whatsapp Login Ui Part 2 00:12:00
Whatsapp PhoneNumber Login And RegisterActivity UI 00:12:00
Whatsapp activitySettings-Ui 00:09:00
Whatsapp signup with email and password 00:41:00
Whatsapp signOut 00:22:00
Whatsapp phone Authetication 00:46:00
Whatsapp LogIn Activity 00:24:00
Whatsapp Settings Activity 01:03:00
Whatsapp Main Activity 00:28:00
Whatsapp Correction In LogIn Activity 00:06:00
Whatsapp Fragments 00:03:00
Whatsapp Floating Widget 00:12:00
Whatsapp User Display Layout 00:24:00
Whatsapp Find Friends Activity FREE 00:31:00
Whatsapp Profile Activity Ui 00:12:00
Whatsapp Profile Activity 01:02:00
Whatsapp Request Fragment 00:51:00
Whatsapp Status Layout 00:05:00
Whatsapp Status Fragment 00:45:00
Whatsapp Status Activity 00:23:00
Whatsapp Chat Fragment 00:32:00
Whatsapp Chat Activity UI 00:21:00
Whatsapp Chat Activity 01:05:00
Whatsapp Message Adapter 01:02:00
Whatsapp Bugs Fix 00:07:00
Whatsapp Firebase Functions 00:01:00
Whatsapp Notification-Download Node Js 00:05:00
Whatsapp Device To Device Notification 00:04:00
Whatsapp UI-Unit_GitHub 00:12:00
Whatsapp Building Apk 00:01:00

Perks and Benefits


Students will get an internship certificate.


Students will be able to connect with mentors to resolve doubts.


Students will get a stipend of ₹3000 if they complete the internship task in 30 days.

Refund policy

You can get 100% refund until 7 days of Enrollment.

Course Reviews


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    The instructor was very knowledgeable and explained important points very well.
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Learn To Build a Real Time App Like WhatsApp - Java

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