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Most used apps

Now that we are into 2022, We have come up with these apps everyone should have on the phone according to the most used apps in the world!!


Mobile apps are one of the reasons why smartphones are so much popular today. These apps are what make your phones and tablets smart, in terms of functionality and features.


The app market is going through a positive revolution with hundreds of new applications being introduced every day.


App development is beneficial not only for monetary purposes but also to extend the reach of a business/website to mobile users.


Billions of people around the world are using smartphone devices now, and one definite way to reach those people is by creating a mobile app for your business.


If you are planning to develop your own app, be sure to check out the most used apps in the world to get an idea of what actually works in the market.


1. WhatsApp

It is one of the most popular and widely used chat applications that also supports communication between international phone networks.


It has many chat features such as video calling, audio calling, chat message deletion, emojis, status, and more.


2. Facebook


It is the world’s most popular social networking website and application. Facebook app is available for Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and all other major mobile platforms.


The app is used almost everywhere in the world, for social and business communications.


3. Facebook Messenger


This is a dedicated messenger (chat) application by Facebook that provides a messaging facility to Facebook users.


Previously, there was no separate app for messaging on Facebook but there is now, and it has become equally popular within a few years of its invention.


4. Instagram


This is a photo-sharing and social networking application that became popular mainly because of its high quality and unique features like square image format, filters, and the lack of a website variant.


5. Snapchat


It is a social networking cum messaging application that can only be used through a dedicated mobile application.


Yes, even Snapchat doesn’t work on the regular web. The app allows users to chat with other Snapchat users and send messages, photos, short videos, and more.


6. UC Browser


When it comes to mobile browsers, UC completely dominates the market with its amazing mobile compatible browsing app.

UC browser is also available in a mini version for low-memory devices and has all the features you can expect in a mobile browser.


7. Uber


Uber is the most used location-based cab hiring app that allows users to hire drivers, cabs, bikes, and shared rides for local and outstation transits.


It is an easy, convenient, safe, and cost-effective way of transporting within or near your city. Since it is a location-based app, Uber works fine on any GPS-enabled mobile device.


8. YouTube


It is a complete video viewing and sharing application that works on mobile and desktop devices. The dedicated mobile app has some additional features such as offline downloading.


YouTube is the biggest host of videos on the planet and also offers monetization options to users.


9. Amazon Mobile


Amazon is the world’s leading eCommerce marketplace which is now also available through a dedicated mobile application to target its mobile buyers and sellers.


The Amazon mobile application works almost exactly the same as the website.

Learn to build an app like Amazon with NullClass.


10. Twitter


It is a microblogging website that is also available in a mobile app version.


The app works like a social news feed where you can follow other users, see the latest news and updates from industry leaders, and share your own views through “tweets” about anything.


August 16, 2022

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