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Mobile Learning : Source of Learning

These days it’s rare to find anyone without a smartphone. Starting from a teenager to an elder, everyone owns one and uses it proficiently. Smartphones are glued to everyone’s hand. It’s like an addiction, a best friend, a communication tool etc. 

Smartphones have their positive and negative sides. Due to the internet and digitalization, the world still moved on in the pandemic. Classes and work were still active. To look at the negative, it reduces physical exercise and has reduced physical intimacy with one another. We can learn a lot with the help of this smartphone. Then why not use this smartphone in the education sector?



What is M-Learning?

Mobile learning is an easier way to access content using a smartphone. It makes everything and anything possible on just one click and instantly with the help of the Internet. As mobile phones are available among masses, it is more convenient to connect with anyone around the globe and access the required information easily. In corporate education, mobile learning acts as an opportunity to reach employees and work remotely, or those who want to take their training outside of work hours.



Benefits of Mobile learning:

With mobile learning, students get to learn from anywhere and at any time. The flexibility of mLearning eliminates the need for scheduling specific times and places for learning. Students can get access to a wide range of content on their devices. It encourages course completion chances with better success rate. 

Mobile learning enhances the delivery of information to everyone. For example on-demand training, students can watch and learn about the course. Due to new technology, it is easier for students to understand the concept. With the help of PPT, live stream learning, YouTube, knowledge can be imparted on a single screen to the masses.

Time zones, scheduling, or preferred environments are not an issue with mLearning, students  can learn at any time and at any place any content required. It is all available in the pocket.

Students can rewatch training courses videos as many times as required anytime and anywhere. You don’t specifically need a study desk, only a good network. If students are provided with unlimited access to learning material, it will help grasp the subject matter for the long-term.


Drawbacks of M-Learning:

Speaking of  drawbacks, software and hardware issues might be a problem or  lack of internet connectivity. It is not easy to stay focused for hours. Human brain can get distracted on the tiniest matter. This is one of the drawbacks of M-Learning. Students can get distracted. Another drawback is screen time. Most of the students spend their time on mobile phones. Even if it might be used for educational purposes, the screentime cannot be ignored. Greater amount of screentime can cause serious eye problems, for example eye straining. Overexposure to blue light that is emitted by smartphones can lead to broken sleep patterns. Blue light restricts the production of melatonin and leads to disrupted sleep.


Modern technology has introduced everyone to an easier way of life. It is helping mold the society through every sector possible. If M-Learning is used effectively and efficiently it can help bring change in the educational sector and can make learning interesting in its own way.

May 20, 2022

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