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NullClass Presents

How To Develop An App Like Netflix

Spirited again for a new adventure?

How about making an app like NETFLIX !!

Bring your career inquiries to our webinar

ON: 16th March
AT: 7Pm
ABOUT: “How to make an app like NETFLIX

Presented by : Jagriti Verma, Expert android developer

Here are the things you will learn by the end of the Webinar:
• Learn how to make an app like Netflix
•Learn Career tricks with us
• Learn topics like
1) Android basics
3) Retrofit
4) API
5) Unit testing
6) Github

And many more

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The Webinar will be held on 16th of March at 7 PM. Registrations are free and it is presented by an Inspiring and experienced Android Developer,  Jagriti Verma. This is the Golden Chance if you want to learn how to make mainstream apps like Netflix