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Internship Tips and opportunities

The internship is a stepping step towards experience and a good career. It’s a vital part of a student’s academic year. Through Internships students can get exposure to industry experience, make contacts with people, and gain industrial experience. Sometimes it is difficult to find the right internship or get selected for a certain internship position. It is also difficult to find internships too. In today’s blog, we shall discuss internship tips and opportunities.

Importance of internship


The internship provides the students with relevant experience related to the field of their choice. Internships help students put their academic knowledge into practice on an industrial level. It helps students build confidence and leadership skills by working with one another. An internship gives students a competitive advantage while working helping them pursue their dream job. 

Internships not only help students gain experience but also the company hiring them. It benefits them by bringing new talent to their table which helps boost the growth of the company. Internships also allow the company to hire interns without hiring commitments. Internships allow employers time to assess a student for competency, drive, and cultural fit.

How to find the right internship

Everything and anything is available for use with one click. It sometimes becomes difficult to make the right choice given a lot of varieties in front. Many companies and firms are offering similar internships on the internet. Here are a few tips to find the right internship for you.

  1. Know your interest

It is important to know what you would like to do or what your field of interest is. It is easy to gain experience in anything that comes to our hands but it is important to do something that will benefit and help build a career. Ask yourself what work makes you happy. Which field of interest you are comfortable with. If you don’t know yet, you can talk it out with someone and figure it out at the earliest.

2. Thorough research

As said, various platforms are offering similar internships. It is important to know which of their eligibility suits us and meets our needs. Some companies follow strict deadlines, it is your call to think through if you are capable of managing your time accordingly. Some companies are not reliable. Many students were caught in fraud traps, it is necessary to do background research about the company before applying.

3. Connections

Sometimes you don’t have to surf the internet to look for things of your choice. It is important to ask around the family, peers, or institutions if anything of your choice is available. As these connections are closer to us it is easier to trust them than any site. If you are in touch with any alumni of college you can get better guidance too before entering the required field.

4. Online

Everything is available in just one click. You can always look for internships online and find the details related. If that is also confusing you can go on company websites of your choice and look for openings and details before applying. But also be careful as fraudsters are everywhere, do background research and consult an adult before applying as a student. 

Platforms to find internships

  1. NullClass

NullClass is the best portal to learn real-time projects and help students gain industrial experience. NullClass offers a wide range of courses related to java, python, web development, and android development. It is easy to avail of paid Internships at NullClass as you just have to complete any one course and be eligible for internships.

2. Internshala 

Internshala is one of the popular internship offering platforms. It helps students find internships relevant to their skills. They have various categories between location, work, and duration. Many companies look for interns through this platform. 

3. Idealist 

Idealist is a non-profit global organization that helps people find jobs in a favorable location. It not only helps find internships but also jobs and volunteer work. It is an open door to apply anywhere around the world.

4. Letsintern

Letsintern is also one of the popular internship offering platforms. It aids students to find the best Internship opportunities across the globe. The platform has 4 million registered students and 30000 organizations. One can find virtual, summer, full, and part-time internships.


It is important to gain experience before applying for an actual job. We believe in experience the most and so do most the companies. If you are looking for internships and courses in Android and web development do check our website and enroll yourself with us.


June 15, 2022

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