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Hurdles in Education

In the journey of life, we come across various hurdles, few of them talk about and few we keep to ourselves. Hurdles are present in every step and sector of any industry we look into. Today let’s talk about a few hurdles present in the educational sector.

There are a few aspects that sabotage the complete working of education. Things that sabotage, the best for the students to intake. What might be these things? Are they right in front of us? Are we ignoring these hurdles? Let’s find out.

Hurdle 1

Teacher students ratio

Every nation has policies and every policy contains various rights, one to be specific is the right to education. Every student, despite their race and gender, has an equal right to education. It is thoughtful indeed but what about the imbalance of ratio between these students and one single teacher.

According to a survey, a classroom holds a strength of 70-80 students in one class, and only a single teacher handles them. Isn’t it stressful for the teacher to look out for each of them? It makes the class oversize making it difficult to reach out to every student. An oversize classroom can cause chaos and mess. This is due to the lack of sufficient numbers of government educational institutions and the impact of rapid population growth.

Hurdle 2


Pace of learning

Everyone agrees that we are born different. Everyone is different from one another by blood, facial structure, behavior, etc. The same goes for the students. Everyone has a pace of learning, a student might have a higher grasp capacity than the rest. It becomes a challenge for the teacher to focus on everyone with their differences. Delivering the same type of content to different pace learners is a challenge for a single teacher handling an oversized classroom. It is also more time-consuming with such indifference.

Hurdle 3


Classroom arrangements

A good learning environment plays a vital role in education. We often hear students complaining about the not clear vision of the blackboard or the reflection of lights or the dullness of the projector screen. Such arrangements act as a barrier. The classroom must contain everything necessary for the students. They should be placed comfortably for the student to deal with. It is necessary to pay attention to the sitting arrangements of the students too, the lighting features, etc.

Hurdle 4


Gadgets and teachers

We live in an era where everything is modern and related to technology. Technology has made everyone’s lives easy. The merge of technology in education has made it easier for students to understand the concepts. But are teachers trained about these gadgets? Teachers still struggle to use the projectors, and computers or are not trained in the basic functioning of it. It is necessary to introduce these to the teachers first before going to the classroom.

Hurdle 5


Modern lifestyle

Our lifestyle also affects the educational system. We are not living a healthier lifestyle, excessive workload has led to unnecessary stress. Nowadays, everyone is glued to mobile phones. Mobile phones have omitted the physical activities of everyone. There was a time when projects were completed using knowledge from textbooks and libraries now it’s all done through the internet. It has made students lazy to take a little more effort in their day to day life.


Hurdles are everywhere, it is necessary to overcome these to reach the ultimate goal. At NullClass we strive to help students get past these hurdles through hard work. We believe in experience rather than in completing the syllabus or passing tests under stress. It is necessary to offer what is best and beneficial for the students.

June 1, 2022

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