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HTML For Beginners The Easy Way: Start Learning HTML & CSS

What is HTML?

The HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is a language for defining the structure of online pages.

HTML is divided into two sections: the head and the body.

The head provides information to the browser, whereas the body includes the precise material to be conveyed.

What is CSS?

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a language for specifying the appearance of web pages.

In order to obtain more exact control of the page layout, font, colour, background, and other effects, CSS technology is employed in the creation of a web page, making it more attractive and dynamic.

If you want to build a house, for example, you’ll need:
To construct the construction of your home, you’ll need bricks (HTML).
Make your house lovely with paint (CSS).

How long does it take to learn HTML and CSS?

It doesn’t take long to learn fundamental HTML and CSS, but it does take time to master them. In one or two hours, you should be able to understand the basic tags and labels. However, you will need more time if you want to learn complex HTML and CSS animations.

I honestly don’t know how many hours you’ll need to put in, but you’ll almost certainly need to maintain studying as long as you design. After all, technology evolves and is updated throughout the years.

Because all of these subjects are so extensive, the more you attempt, the more you will learn. To master HTML and CSS, you must commit to lifelong learning.

Where to learn the basics of HTML?

W3schools might very well be the greatest website for learning HTML. Basic HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, and other topics are covered. Each chapter is straightforward, with examples and interactive exams.

W3Schools includes organized lessons and playgrounds for beginners that provide a good learning experience. What’s the best part? All of the lessons are completely free!

Best HTML tutorials for beginners

This is a website designed exclusively for those who wish to learn HTML for the first time. It teaches you everything there is to know about HTML. If you follow their step-by-step lessons, you’ll be able to develop your own website in minutes rather than hours!

The website also includes a complete list (with a brief description) of each HTML attribute and tag (in alphabetical order), as well as the most recent HTML5 additions. You may read the specifics of each property, as well as code samples and other features, by clicking on them.


Learn HTML

This is a website where you can learn HTML through interactive online tutorials. The tutorials cover not just HTML and CSS, but also Python, Ruby, JavaScript, and C++ computer languages.

The basic lesson will show you how to use the Bootstrap CSS framework to create a page.

The advanced lessons will help you comprehend HTML and CSS in more depth.


Cheat sheet for HTML

Since Tim Berners-Lee’s invention in 1991, HTML (HyperText Markup Language) has gone a long way. HTML5 is the most recent version that current web browsers support.

This HTML cheat sheet includes descriptions, code examples, and live previews for all HTML components. Scroll down to see all HTML tags alphabetically or by category, or download a PDF of the whole list.



The essentials of HTML and CSS are explained in Udacity’s online video lessons with a specialized teacher.
Certificates, project views, and career mentoring are not available in free courses.

However, if you only need to master the basics of HTML, free courses would suffice.



One of the greatest online courses for learning HTML is Codecademy. We are all aware that reading articles or watching YouTube videos is insufficient. We must practise as much as possible.

The learning process used by Codecademy is really intriguing. It does not have any “teachers” or give standard programming instructional videos. Instead, it disassembles the original difficult course into extremely basic chunks, leading users through a variety of useful hints.

The user must then save after entering the proper code on the command line, completing the learning process. This online course is better suited to newcomers. You may easily master your chosen programming language by devoting a small amount of time to practise each day.

Best CSS tutorial for beginners

CSS Tutorials Point

Everything you need to know about CSS is available at Tutorialspoint. It includes courses ranging from basic introductions to advanced CSS concepts, as well as comprehensive CSS3 training.

There are also several CSS tools and instructional materials available for your use. It’s a great place to start if you’re interested in learning CSS.

The website is divided into three sections:
1. An Introduction of CSS
Covers the fundamentals as well as some innovative development strategies.
2. A complete CSS tutorial
This lesson is quite thorough and will provide you with a good foundation in CSS programming. You may start using it right now in your web design projects!
3. Other CSS resources
CSS web design articles and an active CSS forum where you may ask questions.
You may develop a pure CSS web page after going through these three stages.


We are all aware that reading articles or watching YouTube videos is insufficient. We must practise as much as possible. The courses listed above cover everything a novice needs to know about HTML and CSS.

Keep in mind that it makes no difference what industry you work in. If you want to master technology, you must commit to continual study and perseverance.
The HTML and CSS tutorials and courses I’ve offered will get you where you want to go, whether you want to be a unicorn UX/UI designer or a front-end developer. I hope they can assist you as much as they can.

If coding and development is your field of interest, do check out We provide free source codes, and courses on app development with real-time projects. We are a growing community with hundreds of satisfied users.

Have a nice day.

October 29, 2021

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