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Web Designer Salary in India in 2021 [For Freshers & Experienced] | upGrad  blog


Digital Media has been constantly and gradually evolving in the recent years, as a result of which, web design has become one of the most in demand jobs. Large-scale companies, or even the small-scale ones feel the need to have an appealing and alluring website to generate views and make it much easier for their users or the audience to have a good working experience. If you are technically inclined and have a liking towards creativity, a career as a Web Designer would be the perfect fit for you!

In the following blog you will be gaining an insight into what it would be like if you choose web designing as a career for yourself. You will also get to know what essential steps are needed by one to become an excellent web designer. You will also get to know how much does a web designer make in India in the year 2021.

We will be covering the following questions and topics in this blogpost:

What is Web Designing?

Who is a Web Designer?

What are the roles and responsibilities of a Web Designer?

Which skills are Required to become a Web Designer?

Basic Programming Languages for a Web Designer

What are the few major steps to becoming a Web Designer?

Demand for Web Designers in India

What is the Average Web Designer Salary in India in the year 2021?

Web Designer Salary based on ones Experience

    • Web Designer Salary based on the Location
    • Web Designer Salary based on one’s Skills
    • Web Designer Salary based on the Company you are in
    • Web Designer Salary based on the Country

What is Web Designing?


What is Web Design? The Best Way To Design a Website [2020] - Top Digital  Marketing and Website design company


We are presently living in a world that caters more to the virtual world. Nowadays, everything is available on google. Let’s say you want to learn more about a subject, all you need to do is type in the required words on google or any other server you use on the internet and you’ll be taken to various websites that can provide you with the required information. The ones who create these websites and design them are the web designers.

User compatibility and interface is very important to ensure that there is an increased traffic on the respective web page or web application. A web designer must ensure that the design is adaptive to the customer’s needs and requirements. They are responsible for ensuring that websites are dynamic, aesthetically pleasing, and interactive and are also appealing to one’s eye. The demand for web designers has increased, and thus, web designer salary has increased as well with the growth in the software industry. Before we start to learn about the salary trends, let us understand who a web designer is.

Who is a Web Designer?

A Web designer is a person who programs explicitly and focuses on the complete canvas of a website – everything we click, see, retrieve or use to input is the work of a web designer. One must definitely possess the technical knowledge and be creatively very sound. They combine both design and technology to present the efficacy of a website’s back-end in such a way that is easier to use by the users.

In other words, Web designers are responsible for building or redesigning a website. They make the functionality easy to use and make it look much more appealing. The more skills one learns, the more the web designer’s salary in India increases.

What are the responsibilities of a web designer as of today?


Web Designer Salary, Job Description, and Outlook



The knowledge of a web designer depends solely on the extent of his or her knowledge and know-how. Given below are some of the roles and responsibilities that are expected of a web designer to ensure the out is efficient and is of top quality.

  • Designing, maintaining, as well as creating easy to use and attractive web pages or websites.
  • Creating a design layout or user-interface or UI by using the languages such as HTML/CSS/Java
  • Be open to criticism and communicate effectively to advocate everyone’s views and have a hassle-free atmosphere.
  • Be up to date with the current trends and is also responsible for the expanding and scaling up of the website.
  • Validating the routines and the test cases to make sure that the smooth functioning of the program on all device types and browsers takes place.
  • Attending conferences, participating in discussions, workshops studying and reading about the innovations, and refining one’s skill set.
  • Look into the industry trends and emerging technology to determine the user’s needs and requirements.
  • Coordinating with the other developers to ensure that the applications are in synchronization.

All in all, a web designer must have the right skill set, must be communicative and should be dedicated to their profession.

What is the average salary of a web designer in India in 2021?

An average web designer salary in India is 2,87,600 per annum (₹368.70 per hour). Anyhow, the salary could vary from 1,22,650 to 6,50,000 depending on numerous factors such as location, experience, company profile, and so on.

Given below are the primary factors that may affect the salary of a Web Designer in india:

  • Location
  • Company
  • Experience and
  • Skillset

Web Designer Salary based on one’s Experience

The average salary of an entry-level web designer in India is ₹195,857 per annum, according to Payscale. In your early career stage, the salary offered to a web designer in India is ₹2,55,450. A mid-level web designer salary in India is ₹410,065. The average salary of a web designer who is experienced is ₹578,314.

Experience Average Salary (INR)
Entry-level web designer ₹195,857
Early career ₹255,450
Mid-level web designer ₹410,065
Experienced web designer ₹578,314

Web Designer Salary based on one’s Location

Job Opportunities for a job and the annual salary of a web designer are seen to be highest in Bangalore. Web designers from Bangalore and Mumbai usually earn 8% – 25% more than they would’ve earned if they were in any other location.

Web Designer Skills Average Salary (INR)
Web Design ₹269,619
Adobe Photoshop ₹292,125
Adobe Dreamweaver ₹273,921
CSS ₹250,721
HTML5 ₹258,145

Web Designer Salary based on the Company

The company you choose to work in also plays a vital role in deciding your package. If you are hired by a large-cap company like Microsoft or Google, your salary will definitely be higher than those at lower or mid-cap companies.

What is the average salary of a web designer in other countries?

USA – $56,000
UK – $23,000


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December 8, 2021


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