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    Ajay, a tech enthusiast and a final year MCA student trusted NullClass for its outstanding training and has experienced an overwhelming journey. Passionate to become an android developer, Ajay started his android journey through self-learning. He joined us with some experience in android development and was able to complete the training within a month. The training helped him get real industry experience and get an android job easily. After completing the training, Ajay got two offers for paid internships along with constructive freelance work. Now he is able to earn money and help himself with the studies through freelancing and paid internships. Ajay dreams to get a job in an IT company after the completion of his degree.


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    Arun is a dedicated and a hardworking student of NullClass who completed two android development training with us. From a very young age, Arun was certain about his passion for technology and wanted to become an android developer. But lack of proper training and industry exposure were a big hurdle in Aruns’ dreams. That’s when he discovered NullClass and joined us on our journey to become a proficient android developer. Arun completed two training sessions with NullClass which not only helped him to get technical experience but also develop the soft skills and industry insights required to get a job these days. Arun has come a long way now and has received back-to-back offers from big IT companies such as CTS and TCS. He will continue his career as android developer in either one of the companies


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    Hello, I am Manish Pandit. I took android app development guides from NullClass. The courses have been a treasured studying experience as it challenged my thinking regarding android app development and how to follow the strategies to make distinctive applications.The courses passed my expectations, in particular, as it explored different aspects of the industry such as studying professionalism, soft skills, verbal exchange skills. The courses have a very comprehensive approach to android app development, which makes for a greater rounded developer. The notes and look at tools encouraged me to behavior studies
    to broaden my expertise of additives in my course. It could be very worthwhile. After completing these courses, I had been able to not only learn app development but get a
    job as an android app developer in Kalaa.app. Thanks, NullClass!


    Designation : Student


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    Explore Real world Projects which will help you to give industrial experience . Real World experience is important to get a job easily as most companies are looking for an Experience person

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    Most of the Companies are looking for what you have done compared to what you have learned
    Build an impressive portfolio of Real Industry Projects so that you can get lot of Job opportunities

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    Move your creative journey forward without putting life on hold. NullClass helps you find inspiration that fits your routine.

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