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Everything You Should To Know About Internships

Everything You Should To Know About Internships:


What Is an Internship and Why You Should Get One | ASVAB CEP


It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re a career oriented person, you must’ve heard the word internship countless number of times throughout the course of your existence. But, do you know what exactly is an internship and how do you manage to get one?


If you want to get more information about what an internship is or how do you get one, then you have come to the right place.

So, buckle up your seat-belt and read ahead.


What is an internship?


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An internship is a short-term work experience provided to people (mainly students) by companies (or other organizations) to get some extra entry level work experience to some industry in particular.


Internships are not just for the experience they are also for getting work exposure. Internships can sometimes lead you to getting a full-time job. Internships focus on the development of both hard as well as soft skills.


What is the importance of internships?


Being an intern you get the opportunity to work side by side along with professionals and get a pretty decent idea regarding the entailing of an entry-level job.

Along with gaining work experience you also get an opportunity to meet new people and make new contacts.


Another really important but slightly less obvious benefit of having an internship is getting the opportunity to know which field you want to pursue. An internship helps you get a closer insight on what it would be like to have a job in that particular field.


Job searching oftentimes difficult and might even come off as being intimidating. Internships are a way to show you a closer picture of the field you are searching a job in without actually having to commit. If you are lucky you might find out which job best peaks your interest and something you even love. And even if you don’t end up finding the perfect job for you, you will at least get to know what doesn’t work for you.

When you are on job-hunting the best way is to have as much information as possible. And what is a better way to gather up more information than get an internship?


As internships are becoming more and more common the companies hiring recruits expect to see them on the candidate’s resume. Applicants with work experience in the fields they are thinking of pursuing gives them a neck over all the other applicants.


Companies even use these internships as talent pipelines to fill their own full-time positions. For recruiters, internships are a lot of things: a super-extended interview, a training program, and a smart way of hiring for open roles. This means some college students can walk into their senior years with job offers in hand (and therefore have a much less stressful and straining last year at school).


In short, internships can help you in figuring out what you want to do with your career and in turn making it easier for you to land your very first full-time job in the industry.


Is it possible for an intern to get paid for the internship?


The short answer is, yes. Yes it’s possible for interns to be paid for their internships.


There are certain types of internships which tend to pay higher than the others like tech and finance. Whereas, internships in fashion and other nonprofit internships tend to pay more toward the lower end. As short term workers interns do not really get the benefits of health and medical insurances but they may get extended holidays with an advanced notice.

Enough about the paid internships, now let’s talk about unpaid internships.


Why then do unpaid internships exist? Theoretically speaking, unpaid internships focus more on learning rather than work experience. The department of labor has a sevenfold test which helps us distinguish between an employee, an intern and an unpaid intern. Technically, to be a lawful unpaid intern you should be benefiting more from the internship (in terms of learning) than the company.


It might take up a lot of your time and energy to find an internship that fits you perfectly like your favorite pair of Jordan’s but trust me, it will all be worth it. Try finding a paid internship as along with learning you are also getting some extra cash for yourself.


What are the three ways of finding an internship?

Now, recently equipped with the knowledge of what an internship is, you might be wondering how and where exactly you can get an internship, right?

I mean you can’t exactly get an internship the way you buy groceries or your accessories. You need to know the exact ways of getting an internship or you would be rendered confused.


The three main ways that I know will definitely end you up with an internship in your hands are:



Being a student certainly comes with its perks. You can just walk in the guidance counselor’s office and take their help to apply to the right places for an internship offer.

But currently, in these uncertain times of the Covid-19 pandemic you can’t exactly go to the guidance counselor for help.

Now, internet comes to your rescue.



There are tones of ways and resources you can get on the internet to scrounge for an internship. There are applications dedicated for only this purpose. Applications like internshala and indeed are some places you can rummage for an internship.

There are hundreds nay, thousands of internship and job opportunities available on online platforms.



Everyone has their eyes set on that one company that is their most favorite. Go ahead and apply there for an internship. What’s the worst that could happen? You won’t get hired there. At least you won’t have any regrets. Be brave and be bold.


Thank you for reading this blog so far. I hope my answers were satisfying. Feel free to surface any questions or queries you might have regarding this topic.

Have a wonderful rest of your day!!





April 24, 2022

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