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Essential Apps for students

We all are dependent on our phones and laptops. Phones and laptops tend to make our lives easy and reduce manpower. Everything and anything is available with just one click. Phones and laptops are not just a source of entertainment but also can be used for educational purposes. 

We come across a million mobile applications and use them for our needs. Students especially use Spotify, Netflix, Hotstar, etc as a source of entertainment. It was due to a pandemic that zoom and Google meeting was introduced and that’s how traditional classrooms were held virtually. In today’s blog, we shall discuss essential apps for every student.

  1. Evernote

Evernote is one of the popular free apps for students. Whether you’re pursuing a degree or in high school, Evernote makes it easy to organize all your coursework and assignments so you can quickly find what you’re looking for. Evernote is a free productivity app for students that can keep students organized and on track. Evernote’s free basic plan allows for note-taking in a variety of formats, including text, sketches, photos, audio, and video. Sync your notes across devices and share them with others effortlessly. 

2. RefMe

RefMe is an extremely useful app for students to create and collect references and research for their assignments and projects. RefMe is an award-winning app that automates the referencing process, letting students create references, citations, and bibliographies almost instantly by searching (for book/journal, article title, DOI, ISBN, or ISSN) or copying and pasting URLs. The app makes student life too easy making it one of the best student apps available for download. It is available for Android, iPad, and iPhone

3. GoConqr

GoConqr is a social learning platform that allows students to create and share learning content. Students have access to a content library, user groups, and tools for creating their own content. Through GoConqr, students have access to a variety of content types including mind maps, quizzes, notes, flowcharts, and slides. 

4. Mendeley

A reference manager and PDF reader, Mendeley offers students the ability to annotate and highlight PDFs, generate references and citations, sync work across devices, and search a vast online library



A task management app, MyLifeOrganized allows users to break down tasks into obtainable goals, automatically sort priority action items and see what’s scheduled for the day.

Apps for students to make money

It is important to be independent and to save up for future needs. Many college students will reach a point in their studies where the struggle of juggling both an education and a job just doesn’t feel feasible. Here’s a list of apps that can help you earn money for college.

  1. Notesgen

Notesgen is the perfect app for students to make money. All they need to do is to share or upload their notes to help other Notesgen users to start earning some pocket money for their efforts. The platform allows students to upload handwritten notes on various courses and subjects or for competitive exams.


This is an app that allows you to make money by taking photos. You can charge as much as you like per photo, which means that your money-making opportunities through Foap are virtually limitless. People are always looking for a huge variety of photos, and you may be surprised at how much money you can make with a photo of your cat. Photographers here’s your chance.

3. Toluna

The idea behind this app is to fetch you money via answering surveys. This process begins with earning points for taking surveys. The number of points you earn per survey is not on the basis of your response but on the degree of importance the survey holds.

4.Pocket Bounty

Pocket Bounty is an app that will award you coins for doing things like watching videos, downloading apps, and sometimes taking surveys, provided you go through and adhere to the terms and conditions. These coins can be exchanged for vouchers at Google Pay or Amazon. 


The last app on our list of money-earning apps for students is Swagbucks. Yet again this is an app that will pay you well to perform tasks you have already been doing all along. You will receive rewards for shopping, answering surveys, or even watching videos. Although there’s no minimum payout, one downside is that payment is only in gift cards, but that could again work in your favor when it comes to buying accessories or gifting your dear ones. 

Hope you check out these apps and find them useful. If you are looking for internships you can always check out the website 


June 21, 2022

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