For Getting Internship in Android :

Student who complete 1 Project courses will be eligible for getting 100% paid and remote internship in our Nullclass with stipend more than 5k.

For Getting Job Placement in Android

Students have to complete minimum 3 Project courses. After successful completion, Nullclass will guide then to get an Android job at the preferred location of the student. .

Job and Paid Internship recommendation

We are providing placement for all eligible students companies in all over india.


Ajay, a tech enthusiast and a final year MCA student trusted NullClass for its outstanding training and has experienced an overwhelming journey. Passionate to become an android developer, Ajay started his android journey through self-learning. He joined us with some experience in android development and was able to complete the training within a month. The training helped him get real industry experience and get an android job easily. After completing the training, Ajay got two offers for paid internships along with constructive freelance work. Now he is able to earn money and help himself with the studies through freelancing and paid internships. Ajay dreams to get a job in an IT company after the completion of his degree. Ajay Designation : Student
Arun is a dedicated and a hardworking student of NullClass who completed two android development training with us. From a very young age, Arun was certain about his passion for technology and wanted to become an android developer. But lack of proper training and industry exposure were a big hurdle in Aruns’ dreams. That’s when he discovered NullClass and joined us on our journey to become a proficient android developer. Arun completed two training sessions with NullClass which not only helped him to get technical experience but also develop the soft skills and industry insights required to get a job these days. Arun has come a long way now and has received back-to-back offers from big IT companies such as CTS and TCS. He will continue his career as android developer in either one of the companies Arun Designation : Student
Meet our student Azar, who is a 2nd year student in Sathyabama University and is passionate about the android world. He aims to have a career in android after completing his graduation. In pursuit of his dream career, he joined Nullclass training mainly for getting real industry experience as he sees it is very important for getting a job. Azar has already completed one real time project in Nullclass and is marching towards completing another real industry project. Azar is now equipped with all the soft and technical skills that one needs to get a decent job. Azar is now all set to get a paid internship in an android company so he can manage his expenses while studying. Azar Designation : Student
Our bright student Sofi was an absolute beginner when she joined us. She wanted to learn how to build android applications. While searching for the perfect course, she found that most of the courses were monotonous in nature and were not providing real industry exposure. After a lot of surfing she came through NullClasses website and was captivated by seeing the affordability and features of the course. Sofi has come a long way with NullClass training. She has learned how to develop real industry android apps along with all the basics. Now she is confident in the android field and has fulfilled her desire to know how to create real industry android apps. Sofi Designation : Student

NullClass standouts for me because of its budgetable package and effective features.
After joining NullClass, I have found such a fulfillment in my professional and
academic world. The teachers are so cooperative. They cover extra miles for students
to make the lessons easier and efficient. I am keenly interested in android
development and programming. Helping people with simple luxuries through
programming is what I dream for. And NullClass has helped me achieve this dream.
Android developers are in high demand seeing the near future. This is the best time
to invest our time and money in NullClass. Also, such affordable classes are hard to
find in todays’ inflation. The content delivered in the video classes is top-notch and
easy to understand. Learning mobile app development has motivated me a lot about
technology and its importance. NullClass is providing the courses which will really be
needed in the future. According to me, yes I will get a job by obtaining and on
completion of the course of NullClass. NullClass has made me fully capable of my
skills – both soft and tech.


Mithra, a daughter of a common shop owner who dreams to grow her father’s business by taking it digital, joined NullClass to make her dreams turn into reality. WIth the help of NullClass, she is all set to build an e-commerce application that will help boost her father’s business. The Lockdown and Covid situation brought a lot of recession into her father’s business and that’s when she thought of starting an e-commerce business through an android application. After completing her journey with NullClass, she has learned to create an application like OLX from scratch. NullClass takes pride in helping a young and bright daughter like Mithra who aims to become a helping hand in her father’s business. Now, she will use this android application for her future store and grow the business exponentially Mithra