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Cycle of Learning and Teaching Cycle

Throughout our life, we never cease to learn. We learn through our experiences and events that occur. It requires good acquiring skills, and knowledge about particular things, We learn through improved performance and also through future learning.

What is the  learning cycle? 


A learning cycle is a term for how people learn from experience. A learning cycle may have a number of stages and doesn’t particularly have a pattern to follow. 

This cycle of learning follows five steps:

  1. Past knowledge

Having past knowledge about a topic is vital. Every person consumes knowledge and experience at every stage of life. If one lacks past knowledge, one can gain it through learning.

2. Exploration

There are a million things around us. There are 2% chances that we know them all. Another cycle of learning is through exploring the things around us. This improves our knowledge and also gives us a better experience. 

3. Explanation

In this stage, one can use the collected data in solving problems or using it in daily life. It enables you to try and figure out things by analyzing them with the help of past knowledge and by exploring new areas. It also helps check how you use the data collected more effectively.

Importance of Learning Cycle: 

Opportunities are reflective and deliberate throughout the cycle. The Learning Cycle is a continuous process students use whenever they acquire a new skill or gain new knowledge. Experience helps create awareness and connection through knowledge and skills. It is governed by one’s beliefs and perceptions. It also helps apply the received knowledge in real life through decision-making.


Teaching cycle

The teaching cycle plays a vital role as it is responsible for emitting knowledge to students. Effective imparting of knowledge enables students to better understand the context. This builds understanding of the role of texts in our culture and understanding of the topic Guided practice with the help of teachers and students construct a text. 

The teacher learning cycle involves beyond what students can read and understand. It is related to the area of study of the student’s choice. This is done by providing methods of good writing and by providing clear evidence of available grammatical choices and how the chosen choices add meaning to the texts.  

Steps of Teaching Cycle:


  1. Discussion on the area of study
  2. Activities and experiments that include brainstorming, mind mapping 
  3. research on the Topic required 
  4. Vocabulary building

These steps are important as they help impart knowledge effectively. It enables the students’ understanding and also through experimenting in the field of area. Throughout the cycle, students are engaged in extended discussions about their reading and are provided with opportunities to use and reuse subject-specific language. 

Teachers play a leading role in shaping the students. Teachers are experts of subject knowledge in specific areas. To deliver the knowledge effectively, a teacher adheres to the stages of the teaching and training cycle. These stages are demonstrated in a circular form as it is an ongoing process. There is always room for improvement in the teaching and learning process.


June 6, 2022

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