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How to build an android application like Pro Zombie Shooting Game


Indian  online  gaming  industry  was  a  taboo  in  the  past  and  has  traveled  a  long journey to become a mainstream recognition. Each year, the market is growing at an exponential rate and is expected to be worth $1.1 billion by 2021.


Online  gaming  has  emerged  as  a  strong  foothold  within  the  Indian  entertainment industry. The industry has projected to have more than 628 million gamers which gives a whole new boost to the gaming ecosystem within the Indian economy.


Zombie Shooting Game application:

Enter the world full of zombie apocalypse and be the part of an exciting journey. Create your own world of creativity and technology. It’s MAD ZOMBIES games, build the best gun to fight against the dead that is walking towards the gamer like zombie killer games. Create an undead shooter in zombie park kill. It’s not just about wonderful zombie shooting games, survival shooter zombie or zombies survival games but is also about incredible missions of zombie games offline & Sniper games.


Here are our reasons why you should definitely try building this application if you are into android app development:

  • India is a young market with over 75% of its population below 45, making it

one of the largest potential countries for online gaming in terms of usage.

  • India has over 560 million internet users, which makes it the second largest online market in the world after China.
  • For the past few years, Indian consumers or gamers have preferred games

with localized content which allows for a more immersive gaming experience.

  • Online game development organisations in India have risen to 275 in 2019 from a mere 25 in
  • With the global rise of e-commerce, gamers using digital payment methods

are estimated to rise by up to 300 million users by 2022.


About the training:

Candidates who wish to enroll for the course will be required to perform the following tasks:

  • Student will be required to attend the training through 17+ hours of video series. Student will be able to access the videos available under the curriculum column.
  • Once the student has completed the video lectures, they will receive a mail regarding the project that he or she will be required to
  • The student will be required to share their project’s APK and code to us as

soon as he/she completes the task.


  1. PC or Laptop with any OS
  2. Interest to learn android.

What You Will Learn:

  • Programming Basics
  • Unity Basics
  • Dotnet Basics
  • 3D Animations
  • Adding music
  • Enemy AI
  • Uploading Game on Playstore
  • Offline Storage
  • Create APK
  • Create Weapons
  • Level Design

Certification eligibility:


Once the student completes the training and submits the project assigned to him/her via mail, he/she will be eligible to get a certificate after verification.

For verification process, students will be required to explain each problem in short and upload the apk to the following link: https://www.diawi.com/

Students will be required to submit the code to Github https://github.com/

After completing these tasks, they will be required to mail us both the links to the email address – hello@nullclass.com along with your username.


Features and benefits:

  • After completing the training, you will be able to build a real-world zombie shooting gaming application.
  • MNCs require experience and some hard-earned projects in your skills. After

the training, you will have access to both.

  • You will receive a professional mentoring which will make you ready for the
  • With the knowledge on how to make a shooting game application, you can

monetize yourself and start freelancing.


Perks received:

  • Students will get access to one mentor until the completion of training. Students will be able to ask doubts via posting on a portal or directly messaging to the mentor.
  • Students will get Prize Money as Rs 1000 if students complete the training in 25 days.
  • WhatsApp support: Students will have access to the premium whatsapp group once they are enrolled in this training where they can directly ask questions to the mentors.
  • Team viewer support: In case the doubts are not resolved, students will be able to connect to the mentors and share the screen through the team viewer in order to have a more clear solution for their doubts. – https://www.teamviewer.com/en/
  • After the successful completion of the course, students will receive a course completion certificate, internship certificate, experience letter, and letter of Recommendation.


  • Students can get refund with in 7 days of enrollment.


Frequently Asked Questions:


1.Will we get one to one mentor ?

Ans . Yes, every student will have access to one mentor until they complete the training.

2.  Is there 24/ 7 support available ?

Ans. Yes, students can contact us anytime they want.

3.  How will our daily progress be checked ?

Ans. This training is self paced and students can complete it according to their speed and comfort.

4.  Do we get real – industry experience ?

Ans. Yes, students will definitely get exposure to the real industry experience as we will teach students the current work happening in the industry.

5.  Do we get a completion certificate ?

Ans. Yes, students will get your completion certificate.

6.  Do we get any job recommendations from your side ?

Ans. Yes, students will receive job recommendations from NullClass.

7.  There are other platforms to learn. What is unique in your training ?

Ans. Unlike other platforms, NullClass will provide students real industry insights and job recommendation to get a job easily.

8.  Do you offer demo classes ?

Ans. Yes, students will getting demo of the training before enrolling.

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    I tried many different learning platforms earlier, but there always were issues araising – either my payment didn’t go through, the customer support wasn’t helpful at all, or the quality of courses was atrocious. In NullClass I finally found what I’ve been looking for – nice features, simple interface, and good prices!

  2. Value for money!!!!


    Very happy with this platform as I have tried many different ones.

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    Yes!!! This is a great course for both beginners and intermediates!!! Nicely
    explained all topics.. Covered basic things mostly which is very useful for beginners..
    Many Thanks to the tutor as they explained all the things clearly from android studio
    and other related program installation to application deployment on client server.
    Thanks a lot again!!!

  6. 4

    Very good course and instructor. Explained every bit of what they are doing.
    Managed to learn everything they taught. I've been trying the other courses I bought
    and now disappointed as I've been comparing them to this course/instructor. This is
    a very good start for those who have no knowledge at all in programming. Bonus:
    very active in the Q&A too. Bought his 2 other android studio exercises courses too
    and finished them all.

  7. 4

    No need to have any basics to get into this course. Very clear and step by step
    explanation in each session. I'm sure nobody gets bored or exhausted while learning
    because of his detailed explanation in each content. Entire course content is also

    good. This course is worth your time and money. Thanks to "NullClass". Learned a

  8. 5

    The course was a good match for me, just note that some of the material seems
    dated eg. some imported modules didn't take the same arguments.

  9. 5

    Lots of thanks for good content and well mannered.
    It is really nice to learn app development in an easy and interesting way.
    Before this I was almost a freshman in software learning.

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    Awesome experience. I had zero knowledge about android studio programming
    but this course taught me from scrap. Thank you NullClass.

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    NullCLass did a good job going over the basics and those basics really get
    reinforced as you use them continuously throughout the course. I liked most of the
    apps that I built in the course. Those happened to be things I was really interested in
    and can apply to my current job.

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    course can help me learn from the beginning. It is really helpful for beginners.

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    The course is really really excellent and helped me a lot in better understanding of android studio and it's real world application.Thank You so much for this wonderful course NullClass


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