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How to make an E-commerce reselling android application like Olx


The  rise  of  the  E-commerce  industry  has  directly impacted micro, small & medium enterprises  (MSME)  in  India  by  providing  a  road  to  financing,  technology  and training  along  with  a  favourable cascading effect on other industries as well. Indian E-commerce and reselling industry has been on an upward growth path and is soon expected  to  surpass  the  US to become the second largest E-commerce and reselling market in the world by 2034.


Technology   enabled   innovations   such  as  digital  payments,  hyper-local  logistics, analytics  driven  customer  engagement  and  digital  advertisements  is  working  as  a great  support  for  the  growth  in  the  sector.  The  growth  in  the  E-commerce  and reselling   sector   is   also   boosting  employment,  increasing  revenues  from  export, increasing  tax collection by ex-chequers, and providing better products and services to  customers  in  the  long-term.  Rise in smartphone usage is also expected to rise by whooping 84 per cent to reach 859 million by 2022.


Before beginning with the course details, let’s understand how e-commerce is important and has become an inevitable part of our lives:


Irrespective of how long you have you been planning to create an e-commerce app, are you someone who’s still not sure about taking your supplies to stores, grocery shops, and supermarkets online?

The world is going mobile. There is hardly any case of total cut-off. Because a mobile world ensures connectivity, across boundaries, across regions, across districts and domains. Online delivery and selling of essential goods and services has become a government priority. Even in regions where it was unpopular, the capacity is being created.


Here are our reasons why you should definitely try building this application if you are into android app development:


  • People love to shop online.
  • Small businesses perform better through mobile solutions.
  • It is essential to recognise the millennial trend. Because they are going to become the future customers. Marketing analysts show that nearly 60% of millennials use mobile devices for selling and reselling

Olx app Images:


About the training:

Candidates who wish to enroll for the course will be required to perform the following tasks:

  • Student will be required to attend the training through 17+ hours of video series. Student will be able to access the videos available under the curriculum column.


  • Once the student has completed the video lectures, they will receive a mail regarding the project that he or she will be required to
  • The student will be required to share their project’s APK and code to us as

soon as he/she completes the task.


  1. PC or Laptop with any OS
  2. Interest to learn android.

What You Will Learn:

  • Programming Basics
  • Kotlin Basics
  • Android Basics
  • Bottom Navigation View
  • Android Permission
  • Splash Screen
  • Android Callback
  • Android Location Service
  • Google Login
  • Firebase
  • MVVM
  • Android Layouts
  • Shared Preferences
  • Firebase Auth
  • Facebook Login
  • Android Basics
  • Fragments
  • Recyclerview
  • Firestore
  • Material Store
  • Github
  • Differnt Layouts
  • Debugging
  • Unit Testing

Certification eligibility:

Once the student completes the training and submits the project assigned to him/her via mail, he/she will be eligible to get a certificate after verification.

For verification process, students will be required to explain each problem in short and upload the apk to the following link: https://www.diawi.com/

Students will be required to submit the code to Github https://github.com/

After completing these tasks, they will be required to mail us both the links to the email address info@nullclass.com along with your username.


Features and benefits:

  • After completing the training, you will be able to build a real-world e-commerce reselling application.
  • MNCs require experience and some hard-earned projects in your skills. After

the training, you will have access to both.

  • You will receive a professional mentoring which will make you ready for the
  • With the knowledge on how to make an e-commerce reselling application, you

can monetize yourself and start freelancing.


Perks received:

  • Students will get access to one mentor until the completion of training. Students will be able to ask doubts via posting on a portal or directly messaging to the mentor.
  • Students will get Prize Money as Rs 500  if students complete the training in 25 days.
  • WhatsApp support: Students will have access to the premium whatsapp group once they are enrolled in this training where they can directly ask questions to the mentors.
  • Team viewer support: In case the doubts are not resolved, students will be

able to connect to the mentors and share the screen through the team viewer in order to have a more clear solution for their doubts. – https://www.teamviewer.com/en/

  • After the successful completion of the course, students will receive a course

completion certificate, internship certificate, experience letter, and letter of recommendation.


  • Students can get refund with in 7 days of enrollment.


Frequently Asked Questions:


1.Will we get one to one mentor ?

Ans . Yes, every student will have access to one mentor until they complete the training.

2.  Is there 24/ 7 support available ?

Ans. Yes,  students can contact us anytime they want.

3.  How will our daily progress be checked ?

Ans. This training is self paced and students can complete it according to their speed and comfort.

4.  Do we get real – industry experience ?

Ans. Yes, students will definitely get exposure to the real industry experience as we will teach students the current work happening in the industry.

5.  Do we get a completion certificate ?

Ans. Yes, students will get your completion certificate.

6.  Do we get any job recommendations from your side ?

Ans. Yes, students will receive job recommendations from NullClass.

7.  There are other platforms to learn. What is unique in your training ?

Ans. Unlike other platforms, NullClass will provide students real industry insights and job recommendation to get a job easily.

8.  Do you offer demo classes ?

Ans. Yes, students will getting demo of the training before enrolling.

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    Best Android hands on internship which gives real world working experience with a e commerce platform.

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    Thank you NullClass. You explanation is very clear

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    Great course with real-world examples. I would recommend it to those who are
    starting to learn android studio, as well as to those who want to do more complex
    programs. Most things explained very clearly. Plenty of opportunities for learning
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    I finished the course and here is my thought. I would say this course goes beyond
    my expectation. There is some part more interesting to me than the others.

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    Just right for me. I think some of it would be a little daunting for complete
    beginners because things change so rapidly. I have a little experience and while I
    found some things challenging, I find that this is good for proper learning. An
    excellent course.

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    The course covers a wide variety of information. While some parts of the videos
    may be outdated due to time, solutions can be easily found in the Q&A.

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    If u are someone who is curious about how the applications on your device works
    and how to build them…this course is highly recommended for u. From Hello World
    to building your own applications this is a very interesting journey.If you are already
    familiar with the basic concept of any programming language that would be
    beneficial for u coz i feel the basics section could be more elaborated.

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    The apps built in this course are really “Real World Applications” that I can use for
    solving real-life problems. Although I am not a android studio programmer or a data
    scientist, I can at least make a Desktop Bookstore for myself, and enhance the data
    visualization for my job.

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    The course was amazing. The project oriented dynamics is the best way to learn
    anything, and see how things work. The teacher is clear in his lectures and gives tips
    to understand better the code he is writing.

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    I came into this class after having read two books, thinking that I’d know
    everything already, but it’s not what happened. I learned so much from NullClass
    that I look at android studio fairly differently now. The focus of the class is less on
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    The course is really really excellent and helped me a lot in better understanding of android studio and it’s real world application.Thank You so much for this wonderful course NullClass

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