What exactly is the OLA app?  From paying bills to ordering food, everything is done …

What exactly is the OLA app?  From paying bills to ordering food, everything is done through the internet. So why wait for a rickshaw or cab? With the help of OLA one can book a cab, bike,  auto rickshaw  and also use them on rent online. One of the best features of OLA is that it's affordable and offers intercity travel services.    Overview: In this course you will learn to build an app similar to OLA and have a better insight of the topic.  Let's begin this journey with NullClass. Here's a walkthrough below about the course and what it has to offer.    Requirements:
  1. A PC or laptop
  What you can expect to learn:
  • Android
  • Firebase
  • Java Basics
  • Integration of Google Maps API
  • Database Management
  • UI Design
  • Dexter Library
  • Glide library
  • Routing in Google Maps
  • Path Tracing
  • Realtime location tracking
  • Use of GeoLocation, GeoQuery
  • CircleImageView
  • ProfileUpdate
  • CardView
  • RecyclerView
  • Booking a Ride
  • Storing history of each ride
  • Driver Tracking
  • Destination Search View
  • PayPal Integration
  • Firebase Authentication
  • Email Validation
  • Phone Authentication
  • Google Authentication
  • Splash Screen
  • Lottie Library
  Benefits and features: After completion of this course, you'll have better insights of: 
  1. Android and will also gain much knowledge about how realtime databases works  information is processed in realtime
  2. Gain much knowledge about Java,  UI,UX design. 
  3. Start building your own projects and get internships anywhere.
  Perks of completing this course
  • Students will be provided with a mentor until the end of the course. The mentor will be available 24/7 for doubt clearing through direct messaging.
  • Students can get a chance for a paid internship after completing the course.Access to Premium whatsapp group for students to get their doubts solved from the mentor.
  • If any doubts are unsolved, students can connect to the mentors and share screen through team viewer to have a more clearer solution for their doubts.
  • Course completion certificate, internship certificate, experience letter and letter of recommendation.
Prize money  eligibility
  • Enroll in any one course of your choice
  • Complete the course with given assignments within 25 days
  • If you succeed to complete the entire course with given work you are eligible for prize money.
  Internship eligibility
  • Complete any one course at NullClass
  • Complete the given assignments
  • Avail your opportunity for a paid internship
  • Stipend can vary from 7k / month
  • Internship certificate will be provided
Available internships
  • Android app development
  • Android course creation
  • Mentor support 

Course Currilcum

    • OLA Intro FREE 00:07:00
    • OLA Source Code 00:00:00
    • Programming Basics 1 00:14:00
    • Programming Basics 2 00:31:00
    • Programming Basics 3 FREE 00:10:00
    • Programming Basics 4 00:22:00
    • Basics of Java with Examples 00:00:00
    • Android Basics with Examples 00:00:00
    • OLA Creation and Configuration 00:11:00
    • OLA Adding Dependencies 00:17:00
    • OLA Splash Screen 00:23:00
    • OLA Login Layout Design 00:16:00
    • OLA Firebase Setup 00:10:00
    • OLA Login Implementation 00:48:00
    • OLA Bug Fixing 00:02:00
    • OLA Creating and Implementing No Internet Activity 00:16:00
    • OLA Login By eMail Activity Layout 00:25:00
    • OLA Implementing Login By eMail Activity 00:48:00
    • OLA Creating and Implementing PhoneLogin Activity FREE 00:14:00
    • OLA Creating and Implementing OTPVerification Activity 00:37:00
    • OLA Main Activity Layout Design and Implementation 00:30:00
    • OLA Creating maintoolar mainNavigationDrawer 00:23:00
    • OLA ProfileActivity Layout 00:05:00
    • OLA Error Fixing 00:03:00
    • OLA Implementing ProfileActivity Part 1 01:19:00
    • OLA Implementin ProfileActivity Part 2 00:24:00
    • OLA Creating and Implementing ServiceActivity 00:25:00
    • OLA DriverMapActivity Layout 00:23:00
    • OLA DriverMapActivity Implementation Part 1 00:36:00
    • OLA DriverMapActivity Implementation Part 2 00:23:00
    • OLA DriverMapActivity Implementation Part 3 00:45:00
    • OLA DriverMapActivity Implementation Part 4 00:47:00
    • OLA BottomPage Layout 00:27:00
    • OLA CustomerMapActivity Layout 00:07:00
    • OLA CustomerMapActivity Implementation 00:43:00
    • OLA Customer Map Activity 00:55:00
    • OLA CustomerMapActivity Implementation Part 2 00:14:00
    • OLA History Layout Design FREE 00:22:00
    • OLA Expanded History Activity LayoutDesign 00:18:00
    • OLA Implementing Hisitory RecyclerView 00:21:00
    • OLA HistoryActivity Implementation Part 1 00:17:00
    • OLA History Activity Implementation Part 2 00:04:00
    • OLA ExpamdedHistory Activity Implementation Part 1 00:14:00
    • OLA Expanded History Activity Implementation Part 2 00:08:00

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  1. Jeffrey at

    Amazing Mentorship


    It was a really very good experience. All the details covered by sir is really great. Every smallest information was well explained by sir. I am really thankful to sir.

  2. Danica at

    Excellent course


    its an excellent course which really improved my coding skills.good work by the team.all videos and material is really helpful and informative.thanks to the team.

  3. Anjela at

    Really good course


    An absolutely wonderful course! I learned a lot about coding. I think it is a must-take course for those who are interested in enhancing their skills.

  4. Amin at

    Informative course


    Overall a very informative training session. Course content got well covered and also demonstrated the concept very well. Thanks for such an informative and concept-clearing training session.

  5. Aditi at

    Good course


    Course was practically and informative. Mentors enthusiastic and really aware of what he is explaining. The course helped to build confidence, Valuable experiences and learning.