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AR in Education



What is Augmented Reality


Augmented reality gives you a real-world environment, and experience with the help of computer-generated perpetual information.

It also enhances the real-world version of a physical world.


AR uses AR software that is present in a smartphone or a tablet. The software recognizes the pointed object and enhances its visual content. Digital twin acts as a bridge between smart objects and AR.


How does AR help in education?



Development in technology finds an easy path for humans. 

It has developed from labor work to automatic work through machines.

Technology has a vital role to play in every sector.

Technology plays a vital role in education too. 

During the pandemic, education shifted from virtual classrooms to digital classrooms. 


What if AR and Education merge?

AR can help enhance the learning experience by merging digital factors with the real world.

This can help create an engaging and fun environment for the students.


How to use AR in education?


  1. 3D Visuals


AR can create 3D visuals for students. We often hear students complain about heavy bags, lots of books, the concepts not clear in one go, etc.Textbooks can be transformed into 3D visual books and even the 2D diagrams in the books. It can help discover innovative and interactive ways to make learning fun.




Many schools and colleges are using this technology already. NASA itself uses AR technology to train its astronauts. It creates a space-like environment on earth. Due to this merge, the potential in the space sector has decreased crew for training requirements. It is not only used by astronauts but also by NASA engineers.It helps maintain space stations, explore various planet surfaces using AR glasses, read visual structures and build space capsules.


3. Military training



Military training requires a specific environment. Augmented reality plays a vital role in creating a location for soldiers. AR almost creates a real-world environment without putting their lives in danger. Doing so helps save time and also money by reducing military equipment. It facilitates an engaging rehearsal, customizes the diversity, and provides safety training.


4. Games




There was a time when games were an outdoor activity. Slowly, it was indoors. Due to advancements in technology, outdoor games, can be played indoors on screen. Introducing AR in the gaming industry was evolutionary. Companies started using this technology by creating apps, like Pokemon Go, The Walking Dead, Kings of Pool, etc. It has integrated the gaming visuals by creating a real-time environment for the users. An example of AR games is Knightfall.


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May 12, 2022

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