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Apple is highly favorable and on top of the tech and gadgets industry. Apple is considered one of the greatest innovations lately. It has been in the lead for a long time due to the variety of products that it offers and because of the services of the products. Even when there are a variety of other brands offering similar services, there’s no beat to Apple yet. It has gained a higher level of trustworthy users and the process is ongoing.

In today’s blog, we shall discuss a few advantages and drawbacks of Apple. 


  1. Reliability

Apple has a huge fanbase or a huge user base due to its reliability. Apple products are more reliable than its other competitors in the industry. IOS is simple to use and understand for its users too. This ensures consistency of performance without a lot of changes in the design.

  1. Ecosystem

Apple has a perfect ecosystem when it comes to its products. Every product blends perfectly with each other continuously. It makes it easy to use, transfer and store data. The good part about apple products is that your data gets saved automatically and makes it easier to continue on any device of your choice.

  1. Security

Recently we all have seen Apple’s new ad campaign related to security. Well, it isn’t just for ad shows or to attract users, but true. Apple is secure to use. It promises its users to keep their data within themselves. Even the FBI or any other agencies find it hard to invade apple’s security. 

  1. Performance

We complain about apple products being overpriced. But the performance it offers is worth every penny that is put in. Apple ensures its users give the best product service through its performance which is their biggest flex. It is the performance that makes them the richest and most successful in the industry. The Apple processor surely has overtaken the Android processor lately.

  1. Bloatware free

Whenever we buy a new smartphone there are pre-installed apps related to the brand, and it is annoying at times. Apple allows the user to uninstall these pre-installed apps from their device. It can help save on memory and avoid annoying updates from them too. They really do think of the users before them.

Every coin has two sides. Apple is best at everything too holds drawbacks. The following are common drawbacks of Apple products.

  1. Pricing of the products

Apple being the best is very expensive. It offers products that are not affordable to all strata of society. With similar performance and quality, there are several alternatives available in the market that cost comparatively lesser. This doesn’t end here, recently there was a change where apple users have to buy its charger or its headsets differently which are also expensive. 

  1. SD card slots

Apple brings new changes to its products in every update. Recently it excluded the SD card slots from the smartphones. The removal of the SD card disturbs the storage system. This can lead to the permanent deletion of data for storage. This gives the user a limited storage option in the device.

  1. Games

Not all games are developed for IOS processors. It limits the users to try out various games. It enables the users to switch to android for other services like games which might be ridiculous. The MacBook is also not suitable for high-performing games either. When it comes to leisure time like games Apple does fail at times.

  1. No widget support

Apple includes apps that do not support external widgets. Apple products already have a lot of restrictions due to security issues, but no widget support makes it difficult to fulfill necessary specifications for its users. This definitely holds back a better feature in their products.

  1. App size

Apple apps are made with specific features in order to avoid security invasion. Every app has its own storage size in order to install. Apple apps are heavy and take a lot of storage as their size is huge. Taking away the SD slot makes it difficult to download all apps. This restricts a lot of gamers from downloading games. 

Apple is in the lead and will be still in the future. Android is no doubt its competitor and is trying its best to serve the best to everyone. If you are looking for Android app development courses, NullClass is where your need meets. You can enroll yourself with us

June 9, 2022

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