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About Us

Nullclass is a dream come true start-up founded by a common man Vetriselvan, who has come a long way on his quests and struggles to find his dream job, dream company, and an aspiring lifestyle each one of us desires. For years, he struggled with finding his dream job and failing despite having a passion for his work. Working in a different field, he was passionate about android but due to lack of Real Industry experience on android, companies were unable to look through his real potential.

That’s how the idea of NULLCLASS emerged. With pitfalls in his experience, the idea of helping students through real-industry experience came alive. And that is how NULLCLASS was born. The founder of NULLCLASS aims to deliver hands-on experience to students like you and provide you with the insights required to work in an MNC. He aims to help you get your dream job easily.

Employees in MNCs are working too much and are never really enjoying their life, reason being high competition and lack of skills to achieve targets. He learned that you can bring change in your life gradually - small changes from the beginning of your career can create a big impact on living a happier, more fulfilling, more successful professional life.

The founder wants to make it possible for every individual struggling to find a job, to accomplish more, and live life on their terms. Determined and optimistic, he has spent countless hours in his venture to solve students’ problems, both academic and personal. His success in touching thousands of lives and making a difference through his compassion and insight is what motivated him to start NULLCLASS. At NULLCLASS, we believe that the power of education can fundamentally change a person. At NULLCLASS, education is the synonym of skills and not your marksheet.

If you are someone who is struggling to get a job. If you are someone who, despite having passion and willingness to work, is not able to get a dream job. If you are someone who wants to build something of his own, if you want to get equipped with all industry-related skills, then join us. We, at NULLCLASS will make your dream come true. From soft skills to core IT, non-IT skills, we offer a spectrum of courses that will make you have a life you truly desire.


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