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15 Best Open-Source Android App Projects With Source Code For Developers To Practice

Good day, everyone! Welcome to this blog, which will be quite useful to all those who are struggling with their projects and project submissions. If you’re an Android enthusiast eager to learn more about the platform and improve your skills, this article will be useful. The reason for this is that we’re here to present you with the top Android Project ideas with source code that you can choose from. These project ideas are basic suggestions to assist you in overcoming the challenge of selecting the right projects.

1. Calculator

If you’ve only recently mastered Android and Java code, a calculator will be a simple application. The users will simply provide the input values and the operation to be done by this application. It will return the findings to them on the screen after accepting their input. This is a very simple application that does not require the usage of any special software.

To make a calculator, you’ll need an Android IDE, Kotlin/Java for code, and XML or JSON for the layout of your app. Coding would be done in the same way as any other language, but in the form of an application. Not to mention that making a calculator would help you think more logically.

After the user instals the calculator, they can use it even if they don’t have access to the internet. They’ll enter the values, and the app will display the result after completing the operations on the operands they’ve entered.

2. A Reminder App

This is an excellent project for newcomers. A reminder app can assist you in setting reminders for various activities throughout the day. It will assist you in staying on top of all of your daily responsibilities. It can be beneficial to anyone who has trouble planning their plans and forgets easily. This would be a simple software whose sole purpose would be to remind you of something at a specific time.

To create a Reminder App, you’ll need to code in Kotlin/Java and use XML or JSON to construct the layout. In Android, you’ll need to use the AlarmManager Class and Notifications to make the app work.
The user would be able to set reminders and time in the programme as a result of this. Users can set reminders for themselves to remind them to drink water throughout the day. Alternatively, to remind them to take their meds.

3. Quiz Application

A Quiz Application in Android is another beginner-level project idea. You can give users quizzes on a variety of common knowledge topics here. These techniques will allow you to properly design layouts and gradually accelerate your study of Android application development. You’ll learn how to use numerous Layout components while also improving your grasp of them.

To create a quiz app, you’ll need to write in Java and specify layouts in either XML or Java, depending on your preference. You can alternatively use JSON for the layouts if that is more convenient.

Questions would be asked through the app, and answers would be displayed as multiple choices. If the answers are right, the user selects the answer, and it is displayed on the screen. The users would be shown the final grades at the end.


4. Simple Tic-Tac-Toe

Tic-Tac-Toe is a fun game that I’m sure most of you are familiar with. This will be a two-player game. Users in this Android game must place X and O in each of the nine segments of a box one by one. The first player to line up three X or O symbols in a row wins.

For Android Studio, you’ll need Java and XML to make this game. And then simply apply reasoning to that. There will be three matches in this game. As a result, a scoreboard will be included. At the end of one entire set, this scoreboard will display the final result.

They will enter their names when they first start the game. That is when the game starts. They’ll each take a turn by touching one of the empty boxes on the table. There would be a winner declared at the conclusion of the game.


5. Stopwatch

Another basic android project idea is a stopwatch, which works similarly to a regular handheld wristwatch in that it tracks the time between activation and deactivation. There will be three buttons in this application: start, stop, and hold.

Java and XML would be required for this application. We must properly establish the timer for this programme, as it is originally set to milliseconds and must be transformed to minutes and eventually hours. Users can utilize this programme by simply starting the stopwatch and then stopping it when they are finished. They can also pause and resume the timer whenever they like.

6. To Do App

This is yet another easy project for you to try as a beginner. This programme will be used to keep track of to-do lists, as the name implies. It will keep track of the users’ calendars as well as any upcoming meetings or events. Users will be able to write essential notes in this application as well. Provide a login page before the user may access it to keep it safe.

As a result, this app will include a login page, sign-up page, logout mechanism, and a place for users to record tasks, events, and significant notes. You can easily create it with Android Studio using Java and XML. You may make the user interface as user-friendly as possible by using XML. Furthermore, you can also utilize SQLite to store the users’ data, which allows them to permanently erase it.

Users will now be able to sign up and gain access to the write area. Users can jot down ideas and preserve them permanently here. They can also change or delete their data. Finally, customers have the option of logging out and logging back in whenever they want.

7. Roman to decimal converter

The purpose of this software is to convert Roman numbers to significant decimal values. It will assist in determining the meaning of the Roman numbers. It will also be simple to develop and will assist you in learning how to code and use Android.

For coding, you’ll need Android Studio, Java, and XML for the interface. The application will accept user input and convert it to decimal. It will display the results on the screen after converting the Roman number to decimal.

Users are just required to enter the Roman Number, and the decimal values will appear on the screen. This could be a nice Android project for students in their last year.


8. Virtual Dice Roller

Finally, we get to this section, which is Virtual Dice or a random number generator. It’s yet another simple but intriguing app for students of computer science. The only task it would have to complete would be to generate a random number. This can assist those who are frequently perplexed by two or more things.

You can make something similar to this with a basic random number generator. All you’d have to do is get some OnClick listeners in your hands. A nice layout would be the icing on the cake.
The user’s job would be to set the number range and then press the roll button. And the app will display a number that is produced at random. Isn’t it fascinating? Soon, give it a shot!


9. A Scientific Calculator App

This application is critical for you as a novice since it will allow you to practise logical thinking and programming skills. This is a scientific calculator that allows users to perform a variety of calculations quickly and easily.

You’ll need Android Studio to create this application. For the calculations, you’ll need to apply arithmetic logics. The user would have to provide numerical input to the application. The user will then provide the operator as an input. The application will then calculate the outcome and display it on the user’s screen.


10. SMS App

Another simple yet effective idea is to use an SMS app. It will allow you to send SMS to several numbers in the same way that you would with your phone’s default messaging application. This project will assist you in gaining a better grasp of Android’s SMSManager.

In Android, you’ll need to implement the Java class SMSManager for this application. You can use XML or JSON for the layout. SMSManager is a simple task to include into the programme, therefore you’ll enjoy it.

The user would be able to text to whatever number they want, and they would be able to select numbers from their contact list. Another feature is the Textbox, which is where they will type their message. They can gleefully click the send button once the message has been entered.

11. Smart Alarm Setter

An alarm system is another wonderful project for final year students. This will aid in the development of their coding and logic-building skills. It will be capable of setting many alarms at the same time. After 5 minutes, it will offer the choice to repeat the alarm. You can also choose to turn off the alarm.

Android Studio is required to implement the alarm system in your app. Java/Kotlin can be used for coding, and XML/JSON can be used for the interface.

Users only need to set the alarm time and turn it on. They also set the alarm system’s ringtone. Once it begins, they will be able to pause it. It will stop after 1 minute and ring again after 5 minutes if they do not pause.

12. Location Finding Application

Another basic yet excellent concept for the Android Mini project is this application. It will tell you the precise location of the gadget you are using. That is to say, it can tell you where you are at any time. Isn’t it fascinating?

You’ll use Android’s location-based services for this app. In addition, in order to access location-based services in Android, you must need Java. You can use XML or JSON for the user interface, whichever you like. You’ll include a button that, as soon as the user presses it, displays the device’s location. The location on Android is displayed in terms of longitude and latitude. You could also make it an addressable location.

The user would be given a simple user interface with a “Find my position” button. The software will show the user where they are as soon as they click the Find My Location button. Don’t you think it’s fascinating? You are welcome to give it a shot.

13. SOS mobile application

This app has the potential to be a fantastic product that will be extremely useful in times of emergency. You may quickly send your location to your contacts by SMS with the aid of this programme. It will send the SMS in response to the user taking a certain action. A long press of the power button, or 5 presses of the power button, could be used as an action. On the touch screen, you can also programme a specific gesture to activate the SOS function.

Java and XML are required to create this application. Location services, SMSManager, and authorization to be used in the background must all be implemented. This application will be as straightforward as possible.

The user will install it and grant permission for it to be accessed even when the computer is turned off. The user will also create a list of emergency numbers, which will be limited to a maximum of five. The user can then use the SOS app whenever he or she is in difficulty by simply doing the relevant actions.


14. Car Pooling Project

By allowing individuals to share their vehicles, this app will help save the environment. As a result, there will be less pollution released. Carpooling is also a wonderful idea for folks who want to save money instead of squandering a lot of money on gasoline.

This software would make a great project for CSE students. It will gain access to the desired place. People will talk about where they started and where they ended their journeys. As a result, those who use the same routes can travel together.

Users must first log in to the app and grant it access to their real-time location monitoring. They can then utilise this application to carpool once this is completed.

15. Smart Location based Garbage Management System

This might be a smart garbage collection system that aids in the management of garbage in a smart city. To create a suitable human habitat, cities can incorporate numerous mobile or web applications.
In today’s reality, cities have a number of trucks that make daily or weekly rounds across the city, which is obviously insufficient to cover all of the city’s zones. This system that we’re talking about will make use of resources and assist the government in efficiently and effectively managing the loads of rubbish that are collected on a regular basis.

This will be a cost-effective mobile or web-based system that will provide a better answer for the city’s people’ rubbish disposal annoyance.

This software would be very beneficial to the city’s staff and residents. It would assist the personnel in covering all zones and citizens in properly disposing of rubbish.


We’ve seen a lot of Android projects in this article. We started with simple Android projects to assist you learn how to design Android apps as a newbie. These Android project ideas are excellent for students in college.
These Apps’ source code is easily accessible online.

For more information regarding Free source code and learning app-development through Real-time projects enroll into the NULLCLASS courses now.

Have a nice day !

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