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10 Python Projects with Source Code

10 Python Projects with Source Code – Practice Top Projects in Python Programming Language

Python Projects along with the Source Code


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  • Are you looking to forward to build a career in Python? Do you want to improve your resume with adding multiple personal projects on it? Then this blog post of Python projects with source code is just what you should be reading. You have probably checked out our earlier blog post on java projects with their source code. If not then do check it out!! Now, we bring to you the top 10 sizzling projects ideas which implement data science with Python. In this blog post, you will be finding the entire code to all of these projects. Read on to give your data science/ Python career a jump-start.

List of the 10 amazing Python Projects along with their source codes:

Why should you be doing Projects in Python?

  • When in an interview, a resume with projects shows your interest as well as your sincerity. Spending time on the personal projects ultimately proves of great help for your career. In this blog post of Python projects, we have tried our absolute best to include the different data science and machine learning libraries of the Python programming language to give you the best experience possible.
  • So, without any further ado let us just dive right into the top 10 sizzling python mini projects!

Top 10 Python Projects with their Source Code:

Let us start discussing the python projects with source code:

1. Detecting Fake News with the help of Python

Fake news detection using python | Data Science Problem with python | Machine Learning | Tutorial 1 - YouTube


  • Fake news can be very dangerous. This is a sort of yellow journalism and spreads fake information as ‘the news’ using social media and other types of online media. This is a very common way to achieve a certain political agenda. Fake news may even contain false and/or exaggerated claims. Social media algorithms often spread these and create a filter bubble. In this project, we will train on a news.csv dataset of shape 7796×4. We will mainly use two things- a TfidfVectorizer and also a PassiveAggressiveClassifier. A TfidfVectorizer turns the collection of raw documents into a matrix of TF-IDF functionality. And a PassiveAggressiveClassifier is an e-learning algorithm that stays passive for a correct classification and becomes aggressive only when there seems to be a miscalculation.

Please refer – Detecting Fake News with Python for the complete implementation of the python project with source code. 

2. Detecting Parkinson’s Disease with the help of XGBoost


  • Parkinson’s disease is a progressive disorder of the CNS or the central nervous system in the human body that affects over 1 million people in India every year. It affects the movement and can even be a cause of tremors and stiffness. This is a neuron-degenerative disorder with 5 stages in it; it affects the dopamine-producing neurons in the human brain. In this specific python project, we will be making use of the UCI ML Parkinsons dataset and use XGBClassifier from xgboost to build us our very own model that can very precisely and accurately detect the presence of Parkinson’s disease in a human body. We will also be making use of the libraries scikit-learn, numpy, as well as pandas.

Check the complete python project with source code – Detecting Parkinson’s Disease with Python 

3. Color Detection  with the help of OpenCV and Pandas libraries


Color Detection using OpenCV Python | by Praveen | programming_fever | Medium


  • As we all already know that colors are made up of three primary colors: blue, Green, and red. Their intensities can be measured from 0 to 255 and by combining them we get over 6 million different color values or shades. The idea of this specific project is to get the name of the color from the color values. To enable the implementation we use a dataset that has color values and labeled colour names, then we will be able to calculate the shortest distance between each colour and then display the colour name that has the shortest distance possible.
  • Work on the interesting Python Project on Color Detection now!!

4. Speech Emotion Recognition with librosa


  • Speech Emotion Recognition or SER is an attractive and appealing application of data science today as we constantly attempt to give our consumers a better if not the best experience possible. This includes the recognition of human emotions and affective states from the speech. Since voice often exposes the underlying emotions with the help of tone and pitch, it can be used to understand or comprehend the users’ needs and can be used to improve the service. We will be making use of the RAVDESS dataset and the libraries librosa, soundfile to build a model or prototype using an MLPClassifier. In most of the projects, we use Jupyter Lab for running our code.

Ready to build your own model? Speech Emotion Recognition Python Project with Source Code


the source codes to some other projects have been given below along with their names:


5. Breast Cancer Classification with Keras


Excited? Check the entire python project of breast cancer classification with source code

6. Gender and Age Detection with OpenCV


This is just a brief, explore detailed Gender and Age Detection Python Project with source code

7. Chatbot with NLTK and Keras


Curious to work? Check the complete Python Project on Chatbot

8. Driver Drowsiness Detection with OpenCV and Keras


The project looks interesting. Isn’t it? Check the complete implementation of the Intermediate Python Project on Drowsiness Detection System with Source Code

9. Traffic Signs Recognition with Keras and CNN


Building a Road Sign Classifier in Keras | by Nushaine Ferdinand | Towards Data Science



Work on the Traffic Signs Recognition Python Project with complete implementation and source code

10. Image Caption Generator with CNN & LSTM


Want to work on the project? Check the complete implementation of Python project on image caption generator with source code


  • Thank you very much for reading this blog post! I would request you to not hold back on any doubts. Feel free to share any and every query or doubts that cross your mind. Have a wonderful rest of your day!!

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