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10 App Categories That Will Dominate 2021 And Beyond

10 App Categories That Will Dominate 2021 And Beyond

Today, apps have become an integral part of business as the recent events around the globe have changed the way of business. In the coming years it is going to grow even more. This is the time when organizations start thinking seriously about app development. 

It might be the case that your business did not require an app in the past. But it will not remain the same in near future, because consumers will expect to see an app for your business. 

Launching an app is beneficial but the competition is massive. First you need to research and study the market and then decide accordingly for which domain you want to create your application.

Following is the list of 10 such application categories that we think will surely dominate 2021 as well as beyond it.

Food  delivery 

This category of apps is at its peak these days, but the competition is massive. There are many food delivery apps running currently and customers wouldn’t mind having some more.

People love it if their desired food is delivered at the door anywhere and anytime with just one click. When eating outside took a downfall in the pandemic, people started to reply more and more on food delivery apps. Surely, the industry is competitive but the demand for such apps will keep on growing as we have a large population. Thus, launching a food delivery app with exciting features can be an option for you.


Grocery delivery 

Most of the women in the urban areas are working today. In such cases they probably don’t get time for grocery shopping. These women would be more than happy to use an app that will provide groceries at home as they don’t have to go out and buy it themselves. The other thing is, when the pandemic hit, people started to depend on such apps that deliver groceries. In this one year these apps gained more success. Even multinational companies like Amazon introduce their grocery service. 

Not only big companies but the small offline stores also started to come up with their apps. This market is also gigantic evn with enormous competition. If you maintain the best quality and value for your customers, you surely will get success.



The IT industry and its value in our everyday lives cannot be ignored. Mobile apps can be a way to  show the benefits of its service and products to the customers. How a particular app can modify the entire business situation is illustrated amazingly by some firms. Mobile apps can influence companies to present what they do more efficiently. 

IT companies can make use of their software to market in a much more effective way and expand their job portfolios in the future. 



This is another giant industry and the competition within too. However, you might have a chance to survive if you manage to make an application that stands out by filling the loopholes. 

Launching a user-friendly app with enough support can become a revolution for the whole eCommerce industry. You can get a chance to provide an edge over your competitors. An eCommerce app can facilitate with unique features that allow businesses to reach customers, recognise products, create a brand presence and improve conversion rates. An eCommerce app allows entrepreneurs to show relevant details of their products to the market. 



The entertainment has been taken to a whole another level by the flourishing entertainment industry with streaming services. With enough uniqueness and creativity you can step into this industry. Try playing with entertainment apps such as gaming, streaming, music, etc. 


Everything moved online since the lockdown and the whole situation of the education industry changed. The statistics of educational consumption from the internet will keep growing. Learning from mobile devices is much more convenient and faster. The educational industry is vast enough for experimentation, so you can try developing an educational app and provide the youth with valuable content. 

In order to make the learning process more fun and exciting, you can try to develop interactive apps. 


Healthcare and medicines

Healthcare industry has changed its way of working since the pandemic. Patients are getting online consultations from healthcare professionals through video calls or phone calls.

Many local medicine stores also changed their way of working by registering themselves on healthcare apps or coming up with their own apps to facilitate the customers with home delivery of medicines. 

This is the one sector where an emergency can happen any time, it will never go out of business. Hence you can also try to provide emergency services to the customers via a healthcare app.  


Travel and tourism 

This was a vast industry before the pandemic, and now that everything has started to recover, once again the demand for travelling is rising slowly and steadily. This industry is going to hit a spike in the near future like no other industry. 

That time has long gone when you had to stand in queue for booking a ticket or seat. Now everything can be done online. The customers will be immensely  satisfied by a travel and tourism app as they can do everything as they wish without the interference of any agencies. 



The transportation industry is another area where you can experiment during this time. People book cabs to travel from one place to another as it is much more convenient to them. Also, there are flight booking apps which allow you to see the status of flights anytime, anywhere and book tickets without any hassle. 

You start the app development with this industry by beginning a cab booking service or flight booking service or something else. Just remember that your app should be unmatched with unique features or any such new things that the app will be amazing enough to compete with other already existing apps. 


Banking and finance 

Today is the world of cashless. People are switching over to mobile payments or digital wallets for making financial transactions, investing, saving, etc. people like this way because they don’t actually need to go to the bank and carry notes in their pockets, they can make payments with just one click. 

If you manage to come up with a suitable app, this is a massive opportunity for success. 


If you want to create your own app, these are some best options. Above mentioned app categories are surely to dominate 2021 and even beyond that. 

If you put enough effort into making your app as unique and unmatched as possible, there is no competition in which you won’t survive.  







November 25, 2021

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